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Mystery Deepens Around NFL Fans Found Frozen in Friend’s Backyard as 5th Man Is Identified

A new name has arisen in the case of three Kansas City Chiefs fans who died earlier this month.

Alex Weamer-Lee, a friend of the victims, had joined them for a watch party, according to the Daily Mail. That makes five people who attended the event, three of whom later died.

According to the New York Post, Andrew Talge, Weamer-Lee’s attorney, his client was at the party on Jan. 7 that ended up in death, but left at about midnight, and said that when he left the four other men at the party were watching “Jeopardy!”

This is how the case unfolded. On Jan. 7, David Harrington, 37, Ricky Johnson, 38, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, visited Jordan Willis’ home in the northen part of Kansas City to watch a game between the Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers, WDAF-TV reported.

On the night of Jan. 9, the men were all found dead on Willis’ property by the Kansas City Police Department. One of the men was dead on the back porch, while the other two were found in the backyard, WDAF reported.

Police said at the time that there were no obvious signs of foul play, and a member of one of the dead men’s families said Willis had claimed they “froze to death.”

Willis reportedly said his friends were at his home as he had gone to bed and had invited them to stay over as long as they wished, the outlet reported. However, an attorney for Willis first said his client watched his friends leave and then later said his client was asleep while the men continued to party at the house.

He said he spent the following two days with “no knowledge” that his friends were dead on his property, according to the New York Post.

Jonathan Price, brother of victim Ricky Johnson, told “Fox & Friends” Thursday that he has questions about Willis’ story.

“There’s way too many questions still needing to be answered, and nobody can answer those questions,” Price said. “And honestly, except for Jordan … the fifth person, he was there, but he wasn’t there after a certain time frame.”

Jon Harrington, whose son was a victim, is flat-out skeptical and said he is “not buying” Willis’ story, according to Fox News, saying his son’s mother and he “are both convinced that Jordan Willis played a part in this somehow.”

“We just haven’t figured out how yet. … What else could it be? Perfectly healthy men don’t just drop off the face of the Earth,” he said.

“There were four of you in the house and now three of them are dead and you’re not. That doesn’t add up,” he said. “I’m thinking that he, the three of them learned something or saw something that they shouldn’t have seen, and he decided ‘well, I need to get rid of you now.’ Friends or not.”

Jordan Willis’ father pushed back, according to the New York Post.

“He would never in a million years do anything,” Willis’ father said.

“These were all good friends of his, these were all people he went to school with and he took them to a football game the day before for the Chiefs,” he said.

  • Richard says:

    Where is the autopsy ????? Something strange going on. This mystery could be solved with autopsy, unless they stall too long. Why are the kcpd stalling?

  • Critical Thinker says:

    Can we wait for the autopsy reports? Before we start pointing fingers. This is America isn’t it? Something about; ‘…innocent until proven (beyond reasonable doubt) guilty…’ Only God truly knows what happend at this point. Speculation, without more information, is wrong. Personally, I’m praying for the families of the dead. Those 3 are with Jesus now, & the truth will be revealed in God’s time.

  • Lisa says:

    Possibility: Guys got wasted. Alcohol makes you feel flush and hot in the beginning. The guys went outside to get some cool air. The home owner may have went to bed, went elsewhere, or even told the guys, “Hey, I’m locking up so you all need to leave”. Maybe he was getting in a mood from the alcohol and words were exchanged so he wanted them just to leave? Maybe they decided to go out back and shoot the bull, finish their drinks, sat down because the alcohol had kicked in real good and they became sluggish. Not realizing their body temperatures had been dropping fast and drastically, or maybe they were feeling cold but couldn’t get back in the house so they sat down to decide what to do, but ended up freezing to death?
    “Alcohol poisoning can reduce your body temperature – risking hypothermia, cause vomiting (with a risk of choking), lead to a heart attack or a fit, or cause you to stop breathing”. That would make sense, but I don’t know how the home owner is acting. I really can’t imagine anything happening like that on purpose, but a terrible mishap, yes I could believe that.



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