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Mysterious Note Found at Home of Maine Shooting Suspect Robert Card

Investigators uncovered a mysterious note at the home of suspected Maine mass shooter Robert Card — as the US Coast Guard joins the massive manhunt for the fugitive.

The discovery was made as authorities executed a search warrant at Card’s disheveled house in Bowdoin Thursday, according to NBC News — one day after police said the unhinged US Army Reservist killed 18 people and wounded 13 others in two mass shootings in Lewiston.

Investigators are trying to determine if the note, the contents of which were not revealed, provides any answers to the motive behind the Wednesday night bloodbath, the outlet said.

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard has launched a surveillance plane and boats out of Boothbay to join the manhunt for the accused mass killer that already includes local, county, state and federal agents, Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Third-Class Diolanda Caballero told NBC.

Card’s car was found near a boat launch in Lisbon nearly 8 miles from the shootings, authorities said.

A 15-foot boat believed to belong to Card was reportedly missing, The Messenger reported.

Retired NYPD chief Robert Louden said that Card, described by former Army buddies as a trained marksman and skilled outdoorsman, could have fled into the woods — making the hunt for him “like a spider’s web.”

“From that parking area where he dumped his scar there’s four distinct possibilities,” Louden told NBC.

“He killed himself. He got on a boat and went down that little river that’s there.”

The Kennebec River runs from Moosehead Lake in the area.

“He went into another car or motorcycle or something that was waiting for him,” Louden continued.

“Or there’s a hiking trail. He could be in the woods someplace.

“And so it’s like a spider’s web going out — and you’ve got to follow all those pieces of the web.”

According to reports, Card enlisted in the military in 2002 and was hospitalized at the mental health facility in July after exhibiting bizarre behavior while at Camp Smith near the military academy at West Point.

The victims included members of Lewiston’s deaf community, who were participating in a cornhole competition at Schemengees Bar & Grille when the gunman burst in with an assault rifle.

The White House on Thursday called for the nation’s flags to be flown at half-mast to commemorate the deadly tragedy.

  • Zmb Grrl says:

    Mysterious note found, but the contents are not revealed. Brilliant!

  • 18 says:

    Were any of the victims military? Just wondering.. my opinion is, the flag should only be flown at half mast for fallen military. Congess or “presidents” should not recieve such honors, let alone civilians. Are we sure this isnt another distraction? Even psyops have victims. How long until we see the actual note? Will we ever see it? Does the note rip apart thier narrative?

  • Frank says:

    Pssssst ! Thats the Androscoggin River and from where he dumped his vehicle there are at least two main hydro dams before that river flows into merry meeting bay with the kennebec river

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