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Murkowski Pledges to Vote for Alaska House Democrat over Sarah Palin

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has been a constant thorn in the side of Republicans because of her frequently throwing in with the Democrats, despite supposedly being a Republican.

Murkowski has been in office for 21 years. But she faces a real challenge from the Trump-endorsed Kelly Tshibaka, who is leading in the polls. Alaska has ranked-choice voting, which means Murkowski is running against Tshibaka and Democrat Patricia Chesbro. If no one gets 50 percent, they go to a second round, where Tshibaka is still favored. But the lowest person then gets tossed and the second place votes for the people who voted for Chesbro then go to that person who is likely to be Murkowski. Real Clear Politics is calling it a dead heat at this point between Tshibaka and Murkowski, even though Tshibaka is the clear favorite with Republicans. Ranked choice was the only way to save Murkowski.

So what is Murkowski doing to help her chances? She just explicitly threw in with the Democrats.

She was asked who she was voting for in the Alaska House race between the Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola (D-AK), Republican Nick Begich, and Republican former Gov. Sarah Palin. Murkowski made it very clear that she was going to cast her vote for Peltola.

Can we call this vote buying or vote trading? Because that’s surely what it looks like. She’ll vote for the Democrat, likely expecting the Democrats to put her as the second on their ballots after Chesbro. How slimy is this? And she’s supposed to be a Republican when we’re in an existential battle with the Democrats for the health of the nation? Of course, she’s been on the wrong side of that equation in the past including voting for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, so perhaps it’s not a surprise. But even for her, this is over the line. This is helping Democrats in the fight for the House and effectively helping House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) cause to become Speaker again. Murkowski has also pledged to continue to help Democrats if elected.

How bad is it? You can tell by who cheered it.

People on the right were also furious at the Senate Republican establishment/Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for pulling money from places like New Hampshire while his PAC is funneling money to Murkowski and putting about $9 million into the race behind Murkowski.

Alaska Republican Committees have rebuked McConnell’s effort behind Murkowski. McConnell’s PAC is even connected to an attack ad against Tshibaka.

This is Murkowski’s most despicable RINO move yet because she’s doing all she can to ensure her power by helping the Democrats hold onto power that would harm the country greatly. McConnell’s support for this is unconscionable — he has no excuse.

Every Republican needs to come out for Tshibaka and communicate to McConnell that this will not be tolerated.

  • This the problem… they ALL want more Mo ey, like that’s suppose pave the way to winning? I get at least 12 or more texts everyday from McCarthy and all those on his staff, including Donald Trump and his group…begging for more money! Da#& just do your jobs! They act like people are stupid, throwing more money at everyone helps NO ONE! Of course I want things to change for the better in this country, but each voter needs to do their due diligence and research those that are on the ballot! Don’t just deside by political party, RESEARCH! Not all Republicans are good and a few Democrats might be better in some cases (however I haven’t found any in my research). But if you can’t vote your mind ( you need to know what that is actually) it might be better to not vote. As far as this crazy voting system in Alaska, whose idea was that? It sounds very blue to me. In other words someone near death must’ve had a last minute ditch on a hail mary.

  • George Ramey says:

    Folks in Alaska WAKE UP!. What has Murkowski done for you folks. Wait for it, Wait, Wait, NOTHING! During this time of our country’s history why would you cast a vote for her and when nothing changes for your state you just complaint. You have an opportunity to send a message to DC. WE The People Won’t Take It Anymore. Take a chance on Tshibaka. You won’t be displeased. She is a hard worker and will always have your interest at the fore front. The only thing Murkowski is interested in is herself. What’s good for her. Get out and vote. Make your vote count for change.
    Vote Tshibaka. Enough said.



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