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MTG Says Biden Should Serve Jail Time After Reading FBI Doc

Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she believes President Joe Biden should be prosecuted Thursday after the FBI allowed her and other members on the House Oversight Committee to view a document detailing an informant’s criminal allegations against Biden.

The FBI-generated FD-1023 allegedly shows Biden was involved in a pay-to-play scheme while serving as Vice President, according to Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller, Greene explained what she read on the document at the sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF), and said she and other members were not allowed to make copies of the document or take notes. However, Greene told the Caller she took “very detailed notes” anyway.

Greene told the Caller that the information in the document “implicates Joe Biden in a pay-to-play scheme bribery scheme to get a prosecutor fired that was investigating Burisma where Hunter Biden sat on the board.”

She also said the FBI informant is “extremely credible,” before arguing that the document “implicates our national security” and puts Americans “at risk” amid the war in Ukraine.

“This is an impeachable document. President Biden should be impeached. Secondly, he should be prosecuted. This is unbelievable. It’s a pay-to-play scheme. He took a bribe from a from a foreign national in a foreign country that paid millions of dollars,” Greene added.

“He needs to be prosecuted for this, and I would argue that he should serve jail time.”

“If we were not politically divided, if we were the United States that used to exist, that is righteous and just, if we were a just nation, Joe Biden would be impeached. No one could argue with this. Democrat or Republican, I would say no one can argue with it now,” she continued.

In May, Greene introduced articles of impeachment against Biden during a press conference. The Daily Caller obtained a copy of the articles of impeachment, saying Biden is trying to “systematically destroy” the U.S. In 2021, Greene introduced articles of impeachment against Biden, citing Biden’s alleged involvement with Ukraine while serving as vice president.

Greene also said the House Oversight will be launching for subpoenas in the coming days.

  • R.Raney says:

    Biden &his puppet master clowns whole Administration should be impeached a long time ago. At that point for if only Not Securing the Borders and Protecting American People from the illegal immigrants invading America. Now the list just Goes on & on , child sex trafficking Human trafficking Drugs trafficking & killing Americans. Funding Ukraine wars& Not Putting America,we the People first and foremost. Higher Taxes and higher inflation costs higher gas prices higher Food cost skyrocketing everything. The list Goes on. Spending Sprees out of control and Not caring about American People. The Worst President USA in history but lining his pockets and They All Need to Be Held Accountable for All of there Criminal Actions Against America. The Whole Carnival Acts too.Fight for Our Freedom not be Cowards Controlled by Socialism Controlling Communist,Evil agenda.We don’t Agree with them. Stand Up America
    Wake Up America!

  • R.Raney says:

    Fake President Biden should be Impeached and imprisoned Too ,held accountable for All of His Criminal Actions Against America &the American People.Why Hasn’t He Been indicted charge yet & Mostly Impeached Yet?? Forced to RESIGN??

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