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MSNBC Host Has a Meltdown Following SCOTUS’ Decision in Trump Ballot Case

The liberal meltdown over the Supreme Court’s decision in the Trump ballot case was a spectacle.

Even now, they’re still blowing their tops over this ruling: Colorado can’t remove the former president from its 2024 ballot under Section III of the US Constitution—that is the job of Congress.

The fate of this case was predetermined during oral arguments; even liberal justices weren’t inclined to give credence to this unconstitutional gimmick.

Still, the Left—addicted to rage—broke down, with some remaining committed that Trump is disqualified no matter what.

Besides watching liberals come to full froth, you get reminded of the former Republicans who have now gone to the dark side.

[O]n the very same day that the disgraced ex-President was supposed to go on trial in a federal courthouse for his efforts to end democracy as we know it — that little January 6 insurrection — the highest Court in the land today kept him on the ballot in a ruling that dodges the facts of January 6 and Trump’s role in it. But, instead, the Supreme Court handed Trump a second gift on a constitutional technicality.

  • maga24 says:

    The ‘insurrection’ narrative is a lie. There was no insurrection. Anyone pushing the narrative is a liar.

  • Faan says:

    This is beyond silly. Its childish. These people are suppose to REPORT. Not to make news or play judge.

  • andrewp05 says:

    their media lies to the viewers, so when something happens that destroys the narrative they have been selling, of course viewers are mad, they basically got blind sided and nobody reacts well to that. This is why you want your media to present the news and then let you decide what to think, vs just presenting your view and anything that supports that view and nothing else.

  • A. Michaels says:

    If a leftist doesn’t have a ‘meltdown’, how do we know they’re listening?



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