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MSNBC Contributor Posts Image Claiming Trump Needed to Be Helped Off Stage

A leftist MSNBC contributor has been raked over the coals for claiming Donald Trump is really the presidential candidate who needs to be helped off a stage, rather than than Joe Biden.

Brian Tyler Cohen, who ironically hosts a podcast called ‘No Lie’, posted the following image dating from last year on X: (‘No Lie’ Cohen has since deleted his lie)…

As you can see, the post was quickly flagged by Community Notes.

Video from the same event clearly shows Trump shaking the hand of his son Don Jr. which is what the photo captured.


Even other leftists had to admit Tyler Cohen’s post was just misleading.

He probably already knew this, and was either trying to amass post views, or he just didn’t care.

This comes in the wake of days of videos being shared of Joe Biden doddering around like a dementia patient or freezing up, having to be rounded up and led away by both the Italian Prime Minister at the G7 summit and by Obama at a Hollywood fundraiser.

The White House had the gall to claim that the videos were edited or completely fake.

In reality, it’s the Biden campaign that is editing and spreading misleading videos of Trump:

Other leftists have tried to claim that Trump is the one who is cognitively impaired because he mixed up the name ‘Jackson’ with ‘Johnson’.

It’s hardly in the same league as Biden’s clear decline to the point where he can barely function.

  • Sam says:

    Nice try dirtbag Dems.

  • tressa says:

    Trump 2024
    veggie joe 6 feet under



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