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mRNA Covid Vaccines Damage Children’s Immune Response to Other Viruses, Study Finds

New research published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology shows that children who got “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) now suffer from a form of AIDS that has left their weakened immune systems prone to catching not just COVID but also all sorts of other viruses and bacteria.

Within weeks after getting a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA shot, children begin to develop progressively weakened immunity to the point that they eventually succumb to whatever diseases they happen to encounter while simply living their normal lives.

In such scenarios, unvaccinated children with strong and healthy immune systems will be just fine. Meanwhile, those who got jabbed and now have broken immunity will be like walking disease carriers.

“Our study showed that, in children, SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination decreases inflammatory cytokine responses,” the authors wrote.

Fortunately for kids, the immune response to bacteria does eventually return to normal. For viruses, though, the researchers observed that broken immunity lasts for at least six months, this being the total duration of their study period.

Had the study gone beyond just six months, chances are the researchers would have discovered that the children’s weakened immunity to viruses lasts much longer – perhaps permanently.

Cytokines, by the way, are critical to proper immune function. Interferon, which is just one example of an immune system cytokine, helps the body to attack and neutralize viruses and other foreign invaders.

A widely cited paper published in the journal Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology states right in the first line of its abstract that:

“Interferons (IFNs) are a broad class of cytokines elicited on challenge to the host defense and are essential for mobilizing immune responses to pathogens.”

Concerning the Frontiers in Immunology study, it was admittedly small, including just 29 children aged 6-11 at the first post-jab checkpoint, and just eight children at the six-month sample period.

“Further, the study’s short size and tiny number of participants meant the researchers could not correlate real-world clinical outcomes – such as increased severity of infections – with the diminished immune responses,” notes Alex Berenson on his Substack.

Like with other studies on this subject, the authors were also very careful to tiptoe around their findings, pretending as though they do not have any real implications concerning the safety or effectiveness of Fauci Flu shots.

As usual, the conclusion of the paper was vaguely non-definitive, stating that “further research and consideration” is needed “given their broad public health implications.”

In other words, it would be too politically incorrect to suggest that COVID jabs are in any way dangerous, especially for children, so the authors made sure not to make such a suggestion – but outside doctors and physicians were much more forthcoming about what they read from the paper.

“My read on this paper is that it [mRNA vaccination] may in fact cause not just a short-term vulnerability to bacterial and viral infection in children, but it might cause a long-term immune deficiency,” one physician said, adding that he is worried public health officials will simply ignore the findings like they usually do.

“Just see how the authors sidestep their own findings. The authors won’t even bluntly state that it appears that the mRNA shot caused a persistent immune deficiency in children. Their conclusion is it ‘alters’ the cytokine response. This is the amount of courage in medicine.”

  • Alice J.C. says:

    I look at that picture and think that that mother is an idiot who’s forcing him to rebreathe his co2 to the detriment of his health and forcing poison into his body. I knew about these things since the beginning (and I’m not a scientist), and one would think that parents would be more diligent for the safety of their children to do some research, and to use some common sense, than to mindlessly obey a fraudulent government. She’s killing her child.

  • aversize says:

    And yet, another silent bombshell. There must be hundreds of Bombshell’s but there’s not a creator in sight. Grow up and smell the coffee people, How many revelations will it take before you come to grips with the truth?
    We have lost. There is no way anyone can stop this slide to socialism. If the presidential election didn’t prove it to you then the Mid-Terms must surely have convinced you that Wha. Wha, wha, has no effect on tyrants, it never has and never will so while we were all contented while our representatives echoed what we already knew, the Democrats were proving that actions speak louder than words. They have revealed what we can expect if we protest, all the while our Reps are chanting “Shame on you liberals” (like they give 2 craps).
    We only get what we deserve.



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