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Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorists Are Claiming This Photo Is Proof of ‘Hoax’

Another conspiracy regarding the manned exploration of the Earth’s moon has landed. And the substance of this persistent claim is that a reflection in the mirrored visor of an Apollo 17 astronaut in 1972 proves the moon landing was a hoax.

The astronauts of the Apollo 17 mission, commander Gene Cernan and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, were the last human beings to set foot on the lunar surface as Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans orbited above them.

In a video posted to YouTube, “Reflection in a Visor. Where’s the reflection of the camera taking the photo?” the narrator presents a distorted image of what appears to be another person in the reflective visor of an astronaut’s space suit.

At the opening of the video, a text prompt asks the viewer: “Does Astronaut’s Visor Reflection Show a Stagehand on the Apollo Fake Moon Set?”

“You can see some sort of … it looks like a man … back in the early ’70s, long hair, wearing some sort of … waistcoat-type thing … and a shadow of that figure, presumably,” the narrator claimed, using his mouse to outline the figure as he talks.

In the video’s description, the creator notes: “There is no backpack on the figure and even allowing for visual distortion due to the visor, surely you would see a backpack because they were extremely large.”

The short video, uploaded in 2017 and a little over four minutes long, has garnered at least 2.8 million views.

Some commenters expressed skepticism, while others seemed to agree with the conspiratorial idea that the moon landing was faked.

One skeptic noted, “The curvature of the astronauts visor causes a fish eye lens effect. Just Google fish eye lens pics and you will see how distorted they are. When you look at the shadow you can clearly see the boxy shape of his life support system .”

Another added, “All I can see is an astronaut being distorted by the curved reflection on the helmet. You could say it looks like anything, it could be a space alien. but its not… It’s just an astronaut that’s looking kinda weird do to how reflections and how blowing up a frame from an old video turns out.”

One viewer who seemed to accept the video’s premise wrote, “I’ve always thought it was a hoax since we didn’t go back in modern times,”

“No helmet or back pack. It looks like a dude or a chic to me. The question is: Why is the person just standing there? The shadow is weird, and it would be nice to see the image cleaned up,” a second user commented.

Another added more speculation regarding the figure’s clothing: “Looks like a sleeveless ski vest jacket with a hoodie,white in color. Also, looks Like SHE, is wearing blue jean’s and white boots. Yes, i came back to comment. The subject material is fascinating to me. I am getting out my magical magnifying glass, to look at the pic again.”

According to SocialBlade, the YouTuber “Streetcap1” is based out of the United Kingdom and has uploaded 1,722 similar videos describing other lunar images along with martian images and even UFO videos. The creator’s last upload was on June 7, 2018, and the channel has been inactive for the last four years.

Comments on the channel’s Twitter feed indicated that the creator passed away in June 2018 after he had taken a “short break” from the channel. This seemed to be confirmed by a report from International Business Times among other sources, that a man who was reported to be the channel’s creator, Graham McHardy of Scotland, died suddenly due to a heart attack that same month. Fellow theorists quoted in the article expressed concerns that foul play was involved in his death, citing that he was “in decent health at that moment.”

  • Art LaPella says:

    I know Sputnik was real in the 1950s because I saw it in the night sky as a kid. It would take about twice the speed it takes to get into orbit, to escape Earth’s gravity. So there wasn’t much to stop them from getting to the Moon. Nothing except the natural tendence of any bureaucracy to turn any project into a monument to itself, by spending every dollar that isn’t nailed down. That’s why we stopped going. It also means that if a billionaire could establish a base far enough from Earth to allow things like sending activists for tax-supported goodies to the torture chamber, we could expect a new Renaissance.



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