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Mom Takes Off with Son, 16, Whom She Believes Was ‘Chosen by God in the Second Coming of Christ’

A Mormon mother allegedly took off with her 16-year-old son — who she believes has been chosen by God in the Second Coming of Christ, his father claimed.

Blaze Thibaudeau, his mother Spring Thibaudeau, his sister Abi Snarr, 23, and his uncle Brooke Hale reportedly took off to Idaho from Arizona after buying thousands of dollars worth of survival gear, according to East Idaho News.

Ben Thibaudeau reported his son missing and believes he may be in danger because his mother “sees him as a Davidic servant who plays a significant role in the Savior’s return.”

“They feel they needed to take him to an undisclosed location where he would receive his calling and understand his role in the Second Coming,” the worried dad told the local outlet.

“I fear for his safety, especially if my son is contentious, rebellious or belligerent. I fear that my brother-in-law would restrain him or do something that would incapacitate him.”

The four family members haven’t been heard from since Monday, and Blaze Thibaudeau is legally required to return to his dad, according to East Idaho News.

Spring Thibaudeau became interested in the Second Coming of Christ in 2015 until a point of obsession, according to her husband.

She also engaged in energy healing sessions, which caused him to become concerned.

Ben Thibaudeau suggested they “talk to our ecclesiastical leader,” and their bishop advised Spring to “stop if she wanted the marriage to survive,” the father revealed.

She reportedly took a step back from the energy healings — which is discouraged by the church’s handbook — but eventually started having dreams and drew their daughter into her obsession, Ben Thibaudeau claimed.

Both women started having dreams and they felt the need to start stocking up on emergency supplies.

“She started spending a significant amount of money on food prep. She was buying a lot of winter gear, even though we live in Arizona. She was buying tents. She was convinced that the saints would have to gather in the last days up in the mountains, and she was preparing for that,” Ben Thibaudeau revealed.

Despite Abi and Spring’s obsession with the second coming of Christ, Ben Thibaudeau insisted that Blaze — and the couple’s other children — were not interested in it.

“He is in no way a supporter of anything she’s ever believed. He is your typical teenager, and all he wants to do is hang out with friends and be on his phone,” his dad said. “He’s on the football team and has worked so hard to be on that football team. They still have games left this season. There’s no way that he would he would have gone along with it.”

Abi Snarr’s husband Brayden received a frantic call from her, and he found her at home packing bags and surrounded by newly purchased hunting supplies. She told them they had to leave immediately to catch a flight to Boise, where the family was spotted on airport security footage, East Idaho News reported.

He refused to go and the family took off. Snarr then called his father-in-law to tell him their “worst nightmares have come true.”

Hale also left a “last will and testament” for his own children and withdrew $50,000 in cash to divide among his kids, the local outlet said.

“If you are reading this right now, it means that I am gone. I don’t know where I am going. I was not told. You will not see me for some time. How long I do not know but I WILL see you again,” he wrote, according to the outlet.

Ben Thibaudeau immediately called the foursome, but did not receive a response.

Both he and Snarr hope Blaze can escape and hasn’t fallen under his mother’s alleged bluff that this was a birthday trip.

“It’s my prayer he can somehow get away,” Brayden said.

Thibaudeau reiterated that none of them are bad people — even going as far as to say they are “all wonderful people” — but he is worried the “dark topics has really corrupted them in a really horrible way.”

“But they are genuinely just loving, kind people.”

  • Merkava says:

    My prayers for the kid to get home to his Dad.

  • Joe says:

    Oh brother, she’s a wacko. I pray they all come to their senses and bring that young man back home.

  • f says:

    The Mother is mentally ill. They’ll all be found (eventually), and the Mother and Uncle will get an abrupt dose of reality when they’re arrested for kidnapping a child under the age of 18 and transporting him over state lines, (read: federal offense, minimum 10 years in jail and/or $10K). In addition, if it’s proven the Uncle assaulted his nephew in ANY way, you can tack on another 3-5 years in jail.

    Religion obsession (in ANY form) is dangerous in a marriage. There was a lady we went to church w/ who was convinced she, (through her ‘dreams’), was to divorce her husband and leave her family because God ‘told’ her to marry a certain Jewish man. After repeated strategic attempts by the husband to save the marriage, (counseling sessions, etc.), he finally gave up. She divorced him and, (unfortunately according to archaic Ohio law), she was allowed to leave w/ 1/2 of EVERYTHING the husband had earned for 18 years, (including pension, 401K, etc.). He got full custody of the children and when seeing him a year later, told us he (surprisingly) has never been happier, and it was a blessing (for him) in disguise. He also said their 2 children have both stated they’re happier w/o the Mother and have even told the social worker the Mother can stop her court-ordered ‘visits’ because they don’t want to see her anymore. I was SO happy for them. I told the husband she wasn’t worth it from the start, (opinion – controlling bitch), and even the 2 kids, (girl and a boy, 14 & 11), have stated as much. Not 2 years later, the new husband had left her, and the Mother died of (unforeseen) cancer.

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