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Mobs Shatter Windows, Assault Police Officer Outside Conservative Campus Speaker Event

Vandals protesting Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk during his speech at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), Tuesday night shattered windows and assaulted individuals outside the venue, according to videos posted to Twitter.

Kirk was invited to UC Davis by the TPUSA chapter as part of his Live Free tour, which features stops at eight universities across the country during the spring 2023 semester, according to the TPUSA website. Protesters dressed in black to rally outside the venue and can be seen on video breaking windows after security secured the doors and assaulting individuals outside the venue.

The protesters held two large banners reading “Queers Bash Back” and “BashFash,” and charged the doors outside of the building, according to the video posted by TPUSA. They began to kick the windows and shattered the glass after security locked the doors.

Ten glass panes were broken during the incident and no related arrests were made, the university announced Tuesday night. Approximately 100 protesters remained outside and blocked the entrance, threw eggs and pepper spray was reportedly used by “others in the crowd.”

The university said that Kirk’s speech “occurred with minor incidents,” according to the statement. One officer sustained a minor injury after being pushed to the ground and two protesters were arrested for charges including vandalism, resisting arrest and threats on a police officer.

Protesters assaulted a UC Davis student with black umbrellas after he shoved a group holding a sign which read “Protect Trans Kids,” according to video of the incident.

Kirk spoke to a crowd of 500 people, UC Davis reported. Kirk referred to the vandals as “terrorists,” according to a video published by Citizen Free Press.

“We’re not going to put up with force of trying to shut down people you don’t like,” Kirk said. “Tonight is a statement to them that they’re the losers.”

Before the event, the Sacramento Bee published an opinion piece that accused Kirk of “calling for for the lynching of trans people,” according to a screenshot published by Kirk. The column was reportedly “pulled down” to remove the accusations.

Sacramento Bee reporter Rosalie Ahumada later deleted a tweet in which he allegedly wrote Kirk “advocated violence against transgender people and misinformation” and said the language he used was “not precise.”

UC Davis Chancellor Gary May thanked community members for “sharing [their] distress at a student group hosting a speaker who is a well-documented proponent of misinformation and hate and advocated for violence against transgender individuals” in a video published ahead of the event.

  • John says:

    Nothing will change until there’s a trail of dead stinking urine soaked socialist antifa knifed and shot scumbags, just like they like to leave in every town across America, with no prosecution by corrupt domestic terrorists fascist Democrat corrupted police agencies & woke judicial systems of the New World Order satanic party, along with all the BLM racist Democrat indoctrinated fake black entitlement clan of fake victim demons that commit over 90% of America’s crime, along with their marching cowardly little white rich privileged, fake suppressed, allowance surpressed Angry whitey crackers trying to make people not recognize that they came from a Democrat White rich elitist privileged and ass kissed home and environment, with nothing but mommy and daddy entitlements, while growing up hiding in a fake scenario agenda so that somehow they won’t be exposed as the real problem in America, because they’re afraid of getting a white rich beat down for their real hidden rich pampered lifestyle of phoniness and deception so people wouldn’t find out & falsely sympathize and recognize their fake poverty they never experienced, so they carry their fake oppression and guilt of their the rich Lifestyles by rich mommies and daddies who must of put them up to it, so they get free college so the white rich Mommy and daddies don’t have to pay for it themselves, and they can spend more money on trips & vacation homes.

  • -Richard Hoyle says:

    These rich, entitled, spoiled brats eagerly and happily trample all over the constitution and the 1st Amendment. And, what is worse, the college administration allows them to engage in this behavior and refuses to take any action to prevent it.

    Weak, ineffective and over indulgent parenting coupled with a 12 year indoctrination by the liberal school system have created a new generation of useless, spoiled, self-centered twits who know nothing about the real world and who are going out in it ill-prepared for what life is going to throw at them.

    They have done nothing for their country nor anything to support the nation that has afforded them the luxury to be the spoiled, whiny little assholes that they are.

    They don’t have the guts to listen to anything that might them, God forbid, question their values or force them to hear something that might offend them. And, in doing so, these little butt hurt snow flakes condemn themselves to a life of indenture and servitude to the radical liberal elite who see these spoiled little brats and worker bees in a nationwide hive where the ruling elite hold all the power.

    This generation, more than any other, will be the generation that presides over the downfall of the greatest republic the world has ever seen.

  • Believer says:

    Oh, look, another ‘mostly peaceful’ protest by the extreme (crazed) left.

  • A. Michaels says:

    Solution….make it ‘open season’ on the miscreants, problem solved.



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