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Missing Millionaire Crypto Influencer Found Dismembered in a Suitcase as Cops Launch Murder Probe

The dismembered remains of a missing millionaire crypto influencer were found stuffed inside a suitcase by a group of children in a stream in Argentina, local media reported.

Fernando Pérez Algaba’s mutilated body was found days after the 41-year-old had posted a series of cryptic messages about ‘evil people’ who repaid kindness with hate.

Two children found the abandoned suitcase with the fraud-accused businessman’s bullet-riddled corpse as they played football near a stream in Ingeniero Budge on Sunday, Newsflash reports.

When crime scene investigators arrived at the stream, they first found Fernando’s forearms and legs.

Local media reported that the body parts were cleanly amputated, suggesting it could have been carried out by a professional.

With the help of a machine used to remove waste from the water, they then recovered a complete arm.

A four-letter tattoo on a hand confirmed that the remains belonged to Fernando, with fingerprint analysis later providing further confirmation.

According to the autopsy, Fernando, who was nicknamed ‘Lechuga’ (Lettuce), was killed with three gunshots.

The authorities are investigating the killing. However, at the time of reporting, no suspects had been identified.

Fernando had 918,000 followers on Instagram, where he flaunted his luxury life of high-end cars, jet skis and exclusive parties.

It is unclear when the murder took place, but a woman told the authorities she had arranged to meet with him on July 19 to hand back the keys to the apartment he rented to her. However, he had failed to show up.

The beefy businessman described himself as an investor who also sold and rented luxury vehicles.

He had been living in Miami in the USA until early this year, when he travelled to Spain.

Shortly before his killing, he had returned to Argentina.

Before his death, Fernando had made a series of disturbing posts on social media.

One of them showed the heavily-inked businessman in a car with an accompanying audio recording saying: ‘It’s incredible how there are such evil people in the world that while you’re thinking of helping them, they’re thinking of destroying you.’

Another message said: ‘Hello, mum, I needed to clear my head as always. And from here, I am realising two things: that we can’t escape from problems and that problems will follow us.’

According to local media, Fernando had a rags-to-riches backstory.

He started selling sandwiches aged 14 but later made a fortune investing in cryptocurrencies and the stock market.

By the time he was 24, he had a huge warehouse full of high-end vehicles.

Fernando once said in an interview: ‘I travelled to Paraguay a lot to buy tyres; they were much cheaper than in Argentina.

‘This allowed me to refurbish the cars and resell them at a better price.’

He had registered several companies through notaries in recent years.

However, one did not even have a tax identification number, another was reported for fraud and a third had debts.

His creditors had been pursuing him in recent years, opening lawsuits against him following bounced cheques.

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