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Miss Israel 2021 Accosted in NYC by Mob of ‘5,000 Lunatics’

Over the weekend, Israeli model and former Miss Israel, Noa Cochva, was accosted by a mob of pro-Palestinian protesters in Times Square in New York City.

Cochva and a group of friends began to sing Israeli songs after they encountered the protesters, sharing some of the moments on her Instagram, including the moment a Hamas cheerleader hit her in the face with a wooden pole.

Cochva shared on Telegram, “They decided to hold an extreme protest here. We knew it was not safe, we were afraid, but we could not stop ourselves and wanted to show a bit ourselves. We were 10 Israelis against 5,000 lunatics. We had to.”


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“I was just standing there and my Star of David necklace peeked through my shirt. The difference is that we are people of reason and they are people of violence. With what logic do they demonstrate for peace with violence?” Cochva spoke with i24News sharing, “They just wanted to attack us, every single one of them.”

  • Snicker says:

    In this country you have the right to a peaceful protest. These paid protesters (most likely paid by Soros) are nothing but thugs and need their asses thrown in jail!

  • Misha says:

    Start fighting back. Quit taking beatings and start giving them. These morons need to know they are not going to rule this country no matter how much the democrats help them. But it is NYC.

  • frank says:

    Our Country has turned the corner…no going back…. make plans prepared..the the invading armies are coming for you..

  • Susan Rizzuti says:

    ISRAEL is FOREVER. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. It is disgusting that this is happening in America. God Bless the Jewish People and Israel. May these protesting evil people come to the truth and repent. This nation is going to hell in a handbasket under the current administration and woke ideology permeating our world. Trust in the Lord to bring His Shalom to our world.



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