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Mike Rowe Easily Handles CNN During Interview About Possibly Joining RFK Jr. Ticket

Mike Rowe easily handled CNN during an interview about the possibility that he could join Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential ticket.

The “Dirty Jobs” host recently sat down with CNN anchor Erin Burnett, where he confirmed that he was on RFK Jr.’s list of potential vice presidential candidates, the New York Post reported.

“Actually, I ran into him about six months ago in Dallas, totally serendipitously, and we exchanged information and he reached out about a month ago,” Rowe said.

“At some point, he asked me if I would ever consider running for public office, and I spit my coffee back into my cup and I said, ‘Seriously?’” he added, noting the “serious conversation” the two had.

But when the interview turned to others RFK Jr. had picked for VP like New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers — whose past comments have caused headlines — Rowe showed his media skills.


“I think he [Rodgers] has a right to articulate whatever he wants,” Rowe told CNN. “And we have a right to respond however we want. I have no idea what the man actually said … I don’t know what qualifies or disqualifies a person running for anything.”

“You know somebody said to me the other day … how the hell are you qualified to do this [be his VP] and I started to explain how she was right and how I wasn’t,” he added. “And you know Bobby said something to me, he said, ‘there’s so many skeletons in my closet if you really open it up and give it a look and if they could all vote I’d be king of the world.’”

“You could probably find stupid stuff that anybody said, but what really qualifies a man or a woman to run for president or vice president? I think you got to be 35. I think you have to be born in this country.” Rowe continued. “After that I don’t know about qualifications …Personally I stopped watching football after the Colts left Baltimore and so I don’t know how much use I can be on that.”

It was clear that Burnett hadn’t anticipated his response, and the way he handled the interview was something he was praised for by many.

“I have to say that Mike Rowe is a real class act. [CNN] tried desperately to drag him into childish divisive discourse, and he stayed above it,” one person wrote. “He handled this interview like a real adult, and that’s not something you see very much these days in US politics.”

Another added, “Mike was talking for about 10 seconds and she stopped listening, reloading for the next question. He could have talked about the 7 dwarfs being rapists and she wouldn’t have bothered following up.”

While a third wrote sarcastically, “Please, CNN, please start a fight with the guy who literally had a show focused on blue collar workers. It’s a winning strategy.”

  • RA says:

    Mike Rowe is always a class act. I like his show Dirty Jobs. He would be a better choice for Veep for RFKjr. He doesn’t fall for those stupid gotcha questions th Fake News like to use.

  • k says:

    this Country is History if Trump does not get in and Cut the Big Gov.

  • Don says:

    Mike is and has always been one of the premier class acts in the country. He ooozes common sense, is very smart in so many ways about how things work and would make a super leader if he ever got into politics.
    I’ve always admired and respected him and his views.



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