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Mike Pence Drops Out of 2024 Presidential Race

Former Vice President Mike Pence told the annual leadership summit of the Republican Jewish Coalition that he was dropping out of the 2024 race for the Republican nomination for president.

Pence said that after traveling the country, he had realized that his time to lead was not now.

“To the American people, I say: this is not my time, but it is still your time.”

Pence urged voters to choose a candidate who would appeal to the “better angels of our nature, and not only lead us to victory, but lead our nation back to civility.”

He thanked the audience for the “greatest honor” of serving as vice president.

Earlier in his speech, Pence said the U.S. should support Israel throughout its fight against Hamas until the Palestinian terror group is destroyed “once and for all.”

Pence condemned the October 7 terror attack by Hamas, and declared why America stood with Israel:

We stand with Israel for the same reason the American people have always stood with Israel. We stand with Israel because her cause is our cause. Her values are our values. Her fight is our fight. We stand with Israel because we believe in right over wrong, in good over evil. And as believing Americans have for generations, we stand with Israel because Israel’s very existence is proof that God’s promises are true.

The remedy, Pence said, started with electing Republicans to the White House and Congress — to ensuring that “Joe Biden will never be reelected as President of the United States.”

Biden, Pence said, “seemed to say the right things” after the Hamas terror attack, but seemed to be holding Israel back in the days that followed. He called to “end all talk of restraint and support Israel’s right to self-defense unconditionally.”

He also called for “snapback sanctions” on Iran, rather than the continued pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran.

Pence went on to warn that Republicans faced a “time for choosing” between “traditional conservatives,” on the one hand or “the siren song of populism unmoored to conservative principles.”

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    More proof that God still loves us, in spite of our pussification of late.

  • ck says:

    Hes a freaking Pedophile…people wake up. Im FROM Indiana, and he’s a piece of SHIT child rapist.

  • MR. Big says:

    Numbnuts should NEVER have entered ANYWAY…He showed his STUPIDNESS AND WEAKNESSES already as vice president. He wouldn’t have gotten one vote, even his wife and surgically altered dog who talks laughed at him when he announced his plans.

  • angrybill says:

    I am of the opinion that Pence is just a bit arrogant with his: “the siren song of populism unmoored to conservative principles.” Maybe that attitude is why he never managed to get his campaign out of the starting block. One can favor populism and cherish traditional conservative values just fine. But when you get force fed his kind of arrogance you walk away, as millions did.

  • Joe says:

    He will not be missed. Now he can backstab freely and not concern himself with dropping in the polls.

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