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Mike Lindell Officially Announces Bid for RNC Chairman

MyPillow founder Mike Lindell on Tuesday officially announced his campaign to be chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The businessman rose to political prominence as a stalwart supporter of former President Donald Trump and has levied criticism against incumbent RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Announcing his campaign via email, Lindell said “[o]ur party has lost credibility with the base of the Republican Party and with donors. The RNC’s leadership’s strategy of ‘business as usual’ has been a disaster not only for the Party but even more importantly it has been disaster for the Country as Democrats pursue their woke socialist agenda.”

“With 3 failed election cycles under Ronna McDaniel, we must change course now,” he continued. “The People of our Country are begging us to lead. For that reason and more, I am excited to announce I am running for Republican National Committee Chair.”

Lindell went on to cite his record as a businessman and asserted that his experience in the private sector had armed him with the skillset to effectively manage a successful political party.

He will join conservative lawyer Harmeet Dhillon in attempting to oust McDaniel. Over the weekend, Dhillon secured the key endorsement of RNC member Morton Blackwell.

McDaniel, for her part, has lost the support of the Texas and Arizona Republican Parties, and has faced mounting pressure to step down. New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin had attracted support for a leadership bid after nearly toppling New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul during the November midterms, but ultimately opted against such a move.

  • T-Bilt says:

    Good for Lindell! I hope he’s able to send McDaniel home. She’s been feckless in her role… the way to win elections now is to play by the leftistas new rule book.

  • Richard Hoyle says:

    Look at this bid from two perspectives:

    One….given the recent RNC history, and the bloodbath we have been taking at the polls, it is obvious that the leadership there now is incompetent and has lost the trust and faith of party conservatives.

    Two….we tried a non-career politician as President and had fantastic luck. The country wound up in the best shape in decades. Lindell is not a politician. I say, give him a shot, and maybe we will get lucky twice in a row.

    One thing is for sure…anybody has to be an improvement.

  • Wtf says:

    Another champion for America. If this keeps up the champions will out number the swamp inhabitants.

  • John says:

    Sorry Mike you’d make a great candidate but you’ll never win because we have a country full of white pathetic coward gutless spineless Republicans and rinos that never stood for a thing in their life cuz they’ve been conditioned and controlled by a government that threaten them with fear, they’ve lost their guts and backbone as Real Americans, that’s why Democrats keep threatening cowards and winning elections by force, we’re never outvoted , we’re only under voted by the cowards we have in our own party that calls themselves American conservatives, they’re nothing but posers they showed this the last half dozen elections or more in order to be a strong party you got to get rid of your coward wavering supporters first, and classify them as part of the other side because it’s easier to identify the ones working against you in your own party first ,and to eliminate them first ,to get a strong party that’s why Democrats lie cheat steal and bribe their way into cooperation, while Republicans just piss and moan cuz they can’t get what they feel emotionally who they want in , elections are not about these cowards emotion but about our country that’s why they’re cowards no backbone for America , hope they suffer more losses to the point that they have to fight for their freedoms or die, then maybe they’ll understand what being a real American Patriot Republican is all about they need that lesson they’ve gotten that soft, weak, and far away from God and Country

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