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Middle School Student Suspended for ‘Blackface,’ But Here’s What It Really Was

How’s a kid supposed to get a decent education when he’s surrounded by idiots?

A student at Muirlands Middle School in the progressive haven of San Diego, California, was suspended from school and banned from future sporting events for the grievous infraction of “wearing ‘war paint’ on his face at a La Jolla High School football game,” according to Libs of TikTok.

Is showing up at a football game displaying a bit of school spirit considered offensive these days? Almost, but not quite. The Muirland Middle School’s principal didn’t see a kid showing up to a game to cheer on a team. In the principal’s skewed perspective through a radical leftist lens, the student was made up in a “clear-cut case of blackface,” according to the report.

What next? Will being proficient at math be deemed racist? Wait. Math has already been designated as racist in places like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, according to CBS News.

You heard that right. Pittsburgh Public Schools is adopting a new method to address racism in math classes called “anti-racist” instruction.

But I digress. The student at Muirland Middle School wasn’t in class. He was at a football game, minding his own business.

The middle school student wasn’t alone in having a painted face. Others had them as well. And there were no reports of the kid behaving badly at the game. There were security guards and police officers on hand the entire time and there weren’t any incidents reported, according to Libs of TikTok.

Imagine the parent’s surprise at being called into the principal’s office the next week. Up to that point, there wasn’t any indication about the student’s face paint causing a stir. It must be some misunderstanding, right?

The parent dutifully explained another student had painted the 13-year-old kid’s face as a display of school spirit. Where’s the harm in that? The style of face paint for sporting events — paint on the sides of the face, but not on the forehead — was a trend on TikTok. Was TikTok responsible for a covert operation, promoting blackface to spur Charles Manson-esque race wars in the United States?

Or was the principal hyper-sensitive to perceived racism after being indoctrinated by the radical progressives? Racists, racists everywhere?

Surely if the parent showed the photo of the kid on the night of the football game to the principal it would clear things up. There’s simply no way it could be construed as blackface. It all had to be a mistake.

Nope. The principal was steadfast. The photo proved the student was in blackface. The suspension and ban from future sporting events were warranted. A box checked on the suspension notice spelled out the offense: “Offensive comment; intent to harm.”

Intent to harm what? Offensive to who? Paranoid liberals who believe all people are racists and who are offended by anybody who disagrees with them?

In his defense, the suspended student claimed he didn’t know what the term “blackface” meant because he had never heard it before, according to Libs of TikTok. “An adult had to explain it to him.”

If that’s the case, the kid wasn’t trying to mimic the appearance of an African American person — the definition of blackface — and therefore could not have been mocking them. On what premise, then, is the student suspended and banned from future sporting events?

It’s all nonsense. Maybe that explains why homeschooling is the fastest-growing form of education in the United States. Homeschooling’s growth has been “explosive” and “has far outpaced the rate at private and public schools,” reported the Washington Post.

Kids can’t get a good education when they are exposed to woke idiots on a daily basis. Even if a good portion of the teachers are just trying to do their jobs — which they are — woke administrators and teachers undermine their efforts at every turn.

What you end up with is a bunch of confused kids. That’s just what the left wants.

  • LifeStar says:

    I agree with the student article above. Why have adults quit asking questions to get all the facts before making judgements? Seems this principal has an ego/ignorance problem!
    I was a public school teacher and raised three daughters who began in public school, a couple years private school and some grade & most high school by homeschool. I would not put a child in a school today nor would I teach in one that has to abide by ‘woke’ sex/trans propaganda! Very sad/abusive!!
    One daughter has a Degree with Honours from ORU, Tulsa, OK. All 3 are serving in careers long-term. One in community aquatics & another in hospital admin. has great materials & info sources on website and many are turning to homeschool in Canada.

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