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Michigan Home Demolished in Mysterious Explosion, Killing Several and Scattering Debris

Michigan authorities are investigating a fatal house explosion that happened in Whitmore Lake on Saturday.

FOX 2 Detroit reported that the explosion took place on Winters Lane. Police have not released the number of fatalities, but Huron Valley Ambulance spokesperson Marc Breckenridge told MLive Media Group that four people were found dead.

Two others were seriously injured and taken to a hospital in critical condition, the official said.

“(Firefighters) are being very meticulous about making sure there are no additional people to rescue inside the residence,” Breckenridge explained.

Authorities have not disclosed the identities of the victims or how the explosion occurred, which is actively under investigation.

Aerial footage showed multiple fire trucks and emergency vehicles on the scene. Firefighters were seen sorting through debris which was strewn across the property.

The exposed basement of the destroyed house was visible, along with wrecked vehicles.

  • Donald says:

    Someone was cooking something in the basement. Whatever the cause you have to believe something illegal was going on.

  • Hmmm says:

    That debris field is indicative of c4 or some form of synthetic signature. Small particles, distance and the 4 direction pattern almost 100yds in all directions. Someone has that on video.

  • NoSupportForTruth says:

    If it’s Muslims, this will be the last you hear of it. If it’s BLM, it will be be blamed on white cops.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    “(Firefighters) are being very meticulous about making sure there are no additional people to rescue inside the residence…”

    Note to fire chief: From the looks of this, I don’t think firefighters are going to have to worry about rescuing anyone.

    Ain’t drugs great?!



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