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Media Matters Tried To Destroy Tucker With Leaked Tapes, And It Blew Up Spectacularly

Left-wing Media Matters attempted to discredit Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson with leaked tapes of him at the Fox News studio, but it did not go as planned.

The footage, posted by senior fellow Matthew Gertz, showed Carlson jokingly calling a woman “yummy,” joking about sex with Piers Morgan and joking about his “postmenopausal fans” judging his on-screen appearance.

As it turns out, the outlet failed to do Carlson much damage.


“Thank you for confirming that Tucker is a normal, down-to-earth, very funny person. Great work, as always, Media Matters, curating excellent conservative content,” City Journal writer Christopher Rufo commented.

“Media Matters really thought they had something with these leaks of Tucker Carlson telling jokes while off the air. They really, really, thought they had something with it. Anyone with a sense of humor can assess that the things Tucker said, like MMFA itself, are in fact, jokes,” Ian Miles Cheong said.

“I’m sorry this is happening to you,” The Failing New York Times, an account mocking The New York Times, wrote.

“This was the best you could do?” MRCTV managing editor Brittany Hughes said.

“Are your poor feelings hurt that the mean WASP gave you a bird?” Blaze Media media critic Rob Eno said.

“He seemed funny and relatable,” a user said.

“Lil Matthew must not be very pleased with the overall tenor of the 1200 and counting comments underneath this thread that’s intended to damage Tucker,” Daily Caller editor-in-chief Geoffrey Ingersoll said.

Media Matters also published footage of Carlson criticizing the structure of Fox Nation, Fox News’ streaming service and the people running the site for not fixing it. He made the remark during a phone call arguing about his attire during an interview he was preparing to conduct.

The New York Times also obtained out-of-context private text messages allegedly written by Carlson in which he reportedly labeled a female Fox News executive the c-word.

  • Susan says:

    Fox Cancelling Tucker they proved to the entire world that they are in fact no different than CNN or MSNBC
    btw they didn’t fire Tucker, they just cancelled his show in order to keep him on the hook and not able to seek employment anywhere else. Tucker’s contract w/Fox does not expire till after the 2024 elections.
    It is a cabal of evil folks!

  • vickie says:

    tucker was a good newsman and pretty much always tried to tell the truth and if he ever made a mistake…he corrected it….if he can keep himself up and positive…..he may go far… sick of the left attacking anyone who is on the right…..and RIGHT….

  • k says:

    The “FIX” is “ANYONE & EVERYONE” that speaks the truth is in danger!!!

    Think about “ALL” the censoring that goes on if you make a comment about JB / the destructive nature & threat to America w/his policies that goes against America in favor of the enemies such as China, Iran, Russia etc…

    Look how the media is in favor of “EVERYTHING & ANYTHING” JB does & how hypercritical the media is toward Trump!.

    To think, JB didn’t have to change “ANYTHING” Trump had in place, all Jb had to do was make an appearance every now & again as he has been since his campaign first started.

    Hell, Jb even bragged about how he works “PART-TIME” to “PROTECT, HONOUR & DEFEND” America & that’s the “COMMANDER” of chief those 80 million voted for & they are proud he is doing a good job @ what “CHAOS & DESTRUCTION” of America?? smh

    “REAL MEDIA REAL TRUTH” instead of all of this censorship instead of fawning over a deadbeat that is actively killing America & everything America stands for.

  • EZ says:

    F#ck um all Tucker, your the man

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