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McCarthy Declares GOP Victory in House — Pelosi Responds

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has declared that Republicans will take back the House of Representatives.

A GOP takeover of the House would likely mean that McCarthy will become the speaker of the House for the 118th Congress.

“I want to thank the millions of supporters across this country,” McCarthy said on Nov. 9. “It is clear we are going to take the House back.”

At the time of publication, the Associated Press has called winners in 371 of the 435 House seats up for grabs. This includes 199 Republicans and 172 Democrats.

AP reports that two Democrats have lost their seats so far.

To take control of the House, a party needs 218 seats, meaning that Republicans are currently 19 seats away from capturing the lower chamber.

“If you believe in freedom, hard work and the American dream these results prove there is a place for you in the Republican Party,” said McCarthy. “We are expanding this party.”

Results in Florida indicate that Republicans made inroads among Hispanic voters, with Miami-Dade County in Florida going decidedly in favor of incumbent Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Republicans also managed to flip a seat—that of Jan. 6 Committee member Elaine Luria (D-Va.)—seen as a bellwether for GOP prospects. However, the party was unable to pull off a hoped-for flip of the 7th and 10th congressional districts of Virginia, which border the Washington area.

McCarthy’s optimistic declaration seems in line with expected results, but the race for the House remains uncalled by most media outlets.

“Now, let me tell you, you’re out late, but when you wake up tomorrow, we will be in the majority and Nancy Pelosi will be in the minority,” McCarthy said around 2 a.m. EST after a long election night.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) continues to maintain optimism about her party’s chances, and has refused to concede that Democrats will lose the lower chamber.

“While many races remain too close to call, it is clear that House Democratic members and candidates are strongly outperforming expectations across the country,” Pelosi said.

The race for the Senate also remains too close to call.

AP currently puts the Democrats’ caucus at 48 seats in the Senate and the Republicans’ at 47.

This includes Democrat John Fetterman’s projected victory over Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania and Republican J.D. Vance’s victory over Tim Ryan in Ohio.

Crucial races in Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Alaska remain uncalled.

  • Karen says:

    Can someone tell me how so many democrats won when 75% of the people say that the country is going in the wrong direction, and the country is run by democrats.

  • Sicsam says:

    Good bye prune face!

  • GATOR says:

    WTH, AZ can’t wait over the weekend to finish counting. BS! I don’t care that it’s a Holiday tomorrow or it’s the weekend. I’ll go count them myself without cheating.

  • Chris says:

    Nancy, Joe, Kamala, Hunter, and a bunch more are leaving anyway regardless who wins. Mayorkas, Garland are set for impeachment and removal. Along side the fearless leader /dictator. Articles of impeachment all ready on record.

  • Auntie Vyris says:

    I spit on McCarthy’s gavel, the POS.



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