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Maxine Waters Adjusts Wig Live on CNN in Viral Moment

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters could not stop adjusting her wig in the middle of a live CNN segment Tuesday night. The 85-year-old Waters spent 26 seconds moving her wig around on live camera as CNN’s Abby Phillip questioned her about Democrats’ plan to defeat former President Donald Trump in November.

“They’ve seen President Biden, they’ve lived through his presidency, they’ve seen former President Trump, they’ve lived through his presidency, they’ve heard these arguments about democracy, about the fate of the election, and yet Trump is not only winning, but winning increasingly by a larger margin. So what is the plan among Democrats to change that trajectory? It sounds like you’re talking about and saying all the same things, but do you think something needs to change?” Phillip asked as Waters played with her wig.

Phillip referred to Trump’s lead ahead of Biden that more than doubled in some polls following the incumbent president’s disastrous June 27 debate performance. The debate led many Democrats to call on the 81-year-old president to drop out of the race, believing he is too old and does not have the mental fitness to serve a second term.

The president and members of his administration asserted he simply had a “bad night” and suffered from a cold, though no illness had been mentioned by his aides before the event.

During a hearing Wednesday, Waters badgered Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to tout the importance of “diversity and inclusion” in the economy.

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    Dear God, woman. Just retire already.

  • Richard Hensel says:

    Calling her an idiot is an insult to all the idiots in villages everywhere!

  • Frustrated says:

    All the hot air coming from the butt ugly woman’s mouth most likely melted the glue that held the ugly wig on her ugly head.

  • A. Michaels says:

    My English Bulldog saw his butt in a mirror, now he swoons every time he sees that ugly mug.



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