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Massive Second-Day Fox News Ratings Decline

The decision by Fox News to cut ties with Tucker Carlson has was a huge mistake. For years, Tucker has been a popular and outspoken voice for the forgotten-middle-class, and his firing (because we all know that’s what it was) has left many viewers feeling frustrated and furious.

And to make matters worse, this move comes at a time when Fox News was already on shaky ground with viewers over how they handled its coverage of the 2020 election and the aftermath. This latest decision to silence Tucker Carlson appears to be the straw that broke everyone’s back, and the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Ratings have plunged for the cable news giant. The consumer boycott of the network appears to heating up – so much so that it’s now dragging down Sean Hannity’s ratings, as well.

On Tuesday night, during the 8:00 pm hour Fox News only attracted 1.7 million viewers, down significantly from the numbers Tucker brought in. And take a look at Hannity’s ratings. He’s down approximately a million eyeballs.

Tucker was a huge “lead-in” boost for Sean, and without those numbers, Sean could be big in trouble—Laura Ingraham, too. Keep in mind, last Tuesday when Tucker was on air at 8:00 pm, Fox news registered these numbers: 481,000/3,223,000.

Last night at 8:00 pm, without Tucker Carlson, these were the numbers: 159,333 | 1,777,000.

Fox News is down a whopping two-thirds in the key demographic.

And now, after Jesse Watters was a “AWOL” last night from his show, people are worried that he might be pushed out next as part of the anti-Trump purge.

The truth is, Fox News hasn’t been the same since Roger Ailes left. They’ve lost their edge and become the drab, globalist “Paul Ryan” network.

Can you imagine being “excited” to tune in to see what Brian Kilmeade has to say? Most of us would rather watch grass grow or paint dry.

Fox News Tonight with Brian Kilmeade had more viewers on Monday night, but let’s face it, people were only tuning in out of curiosity on what in the world he would say about Tucker Carlson’s departure and to see what a train wreck it would be.

In all honesty, Tucker Carlson was the saving grace that set Fox News apart from CNN. Without him, Fox News has lost its appeal, and many viewers feel the network is now “dead” in the water.

Tucker’s departure was a direct slap in the face to the middle-class and it remains to be seen whether Fox News can recover from that.

  • Rita says:

    So Kilmeade starts off the show by telling a lie? Not a good look. We all know Tucker didn’t agree to part ways with FOX. He was blindsided.

  • Frank says:

    Don’t forget Dan Bonageno

  • KKS says:

    As the saying goes….go woke, go broke…..

  • Carolyn Brown says:

    Prop up Newsmax and get Tucker and others like-minded to join a truthful media. Love to have Shapiro, Bongino, Pirro, Owens, Beck, Riley, Gutfiel, Watters etc. That would be a show to watch.

  • X Fan of Fox the Woke says:

    You lost the Golden Goose Murdock! Go Woke Go Broke! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! That’s the way it goes!



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