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Massive Gas Tanker Crashes in Maryland and Explodes Into Fireball Setting Local Residents’ Homes Ablaze

An apocalyptic scene has unfolded in Frederick, Maryland where an overturned gas tanker exploded into a massive fireball killing the driver and setting nearby homes and cars alight.

Hazmat teams have responded to the incident along with emergency crews with reports of a ‘burning smell’ filling the area.

Footage filmed by residents, some of whom were seen gawking nearby the huge blaze, shows large plumes of black smoke, ash and embers billowing from the crash site.

Maryland State Police said the crash took place on Route 15 in Maryland and the driver of the tanker died in the incident. There were no other fatalities or injuries immediately reported.

The highway was closed between Route 50 and 7th Street, according to a tweet from MDSP.

Frederick’s Division of Fire & Rescue Services (DFRS) personnel were also at the scene ‘of what appears to be a tanker explosion,’ Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor said in a Facebook post.

The mayor is asking residents to avoid the area but footage circulating social media shows residents being drawn into the tragic incident like moths to a flame, some seen standing mere inches from the blaze.

MDSP said in a tweet: ‘Multiple vehicles and homes suffered damage from flames from the fire caused by the overturned tanker.’

The environment department has also been notified of the incident.

The truck reportedly crashed near Apple Road causing at least ‘some of the fuel load to leave the road and spill into storm drains’ Atlas news reported.

Emergency crews seem to be making progress on controlling the fuel fire, but a hazmat cordon is being established to deal with the fuel spill.

Emergency services are on scene and it is not clear what caused the inferno.

At least one other vehicle has been destroyed on I-15 and massive traffic delays are being recorded after both sides of the interstate were closed.

  • John says:

    Sounds like more Democrat indoctrinated programed communist anti-American antifa scumbag terrorism being spread by the Satan worshiping party of democrat communist pedophile party domestic terrorist who need to be exterminated immediately

  • I Can’t Breath says:

    Go Green?? More like Go Extinct!!!!
    Biden’s Oxygenless America.
    Breath Easy Biden’s On The Job.

  • southersgolfer says:

    So, a train derailment in Ohio and now this tanker incedent in Maryland.
    A lot of this going on lately. Coincidence?

    • diane baker says:

      Another one in Ohio and one in Florida. Anyone else se a pattern?

      • Zmb Grrl says:

        Yes, and I’m wondering if it’s sabotage against the middle/working classes. Clearly it’s two red states, question is whether someone is just intentionally going after transpo or if it’s political, which could be one in the same.

    • Brenda says:

      One more 20 car derailment in Ohio, saw it this am.

  • Juan says:

    And all these “accidents” aren’t even being investigated by the government.
    Now that should leave people thinking that it is in fact the government creating all these “accidents” no?
    Most people know the CIA is famous for sabotage in other countries that are no different than what we’ve been seeing for just over the last year. Is it possible? You better believe it is.
    It of course could be other terrorist groups but a coincidence is mathematically impossible.

  • Barb Nak says:

    “The truck reportedly crashed”…into what. What caused the accident, another vehicle? God rest the soul of the driver.

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