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Massive Crowd of Hamas Sympathizers Vows to Disrupt Christmas

Groups sympathetic to terror organization Hamas planned and executed a massive rally in New York City on Saturday after vowing to disrupt the Christmas holiday as a means of encouraging people to join the largely anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

The groups, including radical liberal groups People’s Forum and Palestinian Youth Movement, organized the protests, which drew huge crowds to Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, which disrupted traffic and doubtless left numerous already-panicked last minute shoppers disgruntled at the disruption.

Still, this was the groups’ explicit goal, as they intended to ensure that there would be no Christmas “as usual” as long as people continue to support Israel.

Apparently believing that ruining people’s Christmas was a good way to generate public support for their cause, groups such as ‘Mothers for Justice in Palestine’ and the Long Island chapter of the ‘Party for Socialism and Liberation’ joined in the march.

The protesters were seen unfurling banners targeting companies that do business with Israel in an attempt to intimidate them into boycotts of the only democracy in the Middle East.

Users took to social media to document the marching crowds.

Some of the protesters carried banners with pictures of President Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu covered in blood.

A small group of pro-Israel counterprotesters showed up and faced hostility from the larger crowds.

This marked the second time in less than a week that New York City was disrupted by Hamas protests. Earlier this week crowds of Hamas sympathizers clogged mass transit hubs, causing major disruptions throughout the city.

  • We got you demons pegged to the wall!! says:

    Wouldn’t do if I were Cheif Commander! Just 1 load of cluster bombs would stop this shit. I M 0! And until then’ it rages on and gets worse. These SCUM human pestilence need obliterated from humanity for ever. HAIL ALL ISRAEL! THE HOLY SURVIVERS, And Peacekeepers. And they claim they should be looked upon as an Equal. I profess not. Palestine started this’ and ISRAEL will end it once and for all. How dare you lay this all on Hamas!! Palestine has always been evil. They fear their history, as well as Elite Democrats, and supporters, will finally be exposed.

  • Merkava says:

    Hamas Vermin gonna behave like rapey, baby killing vermin.

  • Golda Standard says:

    There would be no war against Hamas if on October 7 this year, innocents enjoying music in Israel weren’t attacked, killed, kidnapped, tortured, raped, beheaded by Hamas soldiers. The pity groups leading Palestinian pity parades neglect to mention who started this, and who the civilians were in Gaza who danced in the streets and gave away sweets because on October 7 Hamas soldiers executed, raped, tortured and killed Israeli citizens…. No pity for those who supported and elected Hamas leadership in Gaza, and whose sons grow up to be Hamas soldiers.

  • Proud Veteran says:

    Round these people up and load them on C-5 jets with their signs and flags and drop them off in Tel Aviv. Let them protest there!

  • frank says:

    America…the new “Lil Afghanistan”…made possible by open borders courtesy of biden



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