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Masked-Up Taylor Lorenz Attends Pornhub Awards

Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz went viral among her conservative critics after attending the Pornhub Awards.

Lorenz, The Post’s tech and online culture columnist, took to Instagram on Thursday with various posts from the X-rated ceremony in West Hollywood.

“Great night at the Pornhub awards! Huge support to all the performers there,” Lorenz wrote while sharing in an image of herself entering the awards wearing a black medical mask.

Lorenz also shared a video of herself dancing in front of a DJ at the event, this time wearing a white mask.

Lorenz’s trip to the Pornhub Awards had her critics howling.

“Here is Taylor Lorenz dancing at the P*rnhub awards event while wearing a mask. I saw it so now you have to,” Libs of TikTok reacted.

“If she’s partying with P*rnhub awardees, that mask isn’t going to help her,” RedState columnist Buzz Patterson quipped.

“This is on brand,” senior columnist Kurt Schlichter said.

Some compared her dancing to “Seinfeld” character Elaine Benes while others condemned the popular porn site, citing how its parent company was fined $1.8 million in resolving a federal probe into its ties with an alleged sex trafficking operation.

Lorenz mocked her critics, calling them “the most triggered people alive.”

Lorenz has generated headlines in recent years for how she goes about her reporting. She is perhaps best known for doxxing the popular social media account Libs of TikTok in 2022.

Critics have also repeatedly mocked The Post reporter for her ongoing mask-wearing as a COVID precaution.

  • Dieselpunk says:

    Like school in the summertime… No class!

  • Rita says:

    I don’t think that mask is going to protect her at that event. Somebody buy the chick a box of condoms.

  • Sam says:

    She covered the wrong end.

  • Will says:

    What a sick perverted woman! Does anyone have her phone #? Just kidding. I wouldn’t touch her with my 10 ft pole!

  • One says:

    Ah, yes! ‘Relevancy’ is SO hard to maintain…



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