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Mask Mandates Will Not Come to These US States

Mask mandates will not be coming to Texas and Florida, based on posts published by the states’ governor and Surgeon General, respectively.

While Greg Abbott said in a brief post on X that “There will be NO mask mandates in Texas,” the Health Officer and Surgeon General of Florida, Joseph Ladapo, had a bit more to say: “What do you call re-imposing mask policies that have been proven ineffective or restarting lockdowns that are known to cause harm? You don’t call it sanity. These terrible policies only work with your cooperation. How about refusing to participate…”

Mandate discussions are gaining steam on online platforms and otherwise as institutions are gearing up to reintroduce the mask—part of the COVID restrictions brought about after the pandemic spread all over the world.

As of Aug. 12, the seven-day average is 1,802 new hospital admissions with confirmed COVID-19, according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) data. There has been a gradual uptick observed over the past months, but nothing significant. During the previous seven-day average, taken Aug. 5, the number was at 1,481, indicating an increase of over 21 percent.

The lowest seven-day average was taken on June 23, with 899 new hospitalizations, while the highest was recorded at the beginning of the year. On Jan. 3, the number was at 6,688. Compared to that, the latest week’s average is over 73 percent lower.

Omicron EG.5 is the most prominent variant, making up over 20 percent of COVID mutations currently in the United States.

With elections coming up next year, American citizens are up in arms as concerns are increasing about federal authorities reintroducing COVID-related lockdown measures.

The ‘Election Variant’

As prominent institutions like Morris Brown College, Hollywood studio Lionsgate, and Kaiser Permanente require staff and people on their premises to wear masks, people have mostly opposed the directive on social media.

“And just like that, the election variant emerges,” author George Papadopoulos said in an Aug. 23 post on X.

“I see the election time variant of COVID is about to drop. Mail in ballots to EVERYONE! Lol. America no longer has free and fair elections. We are no different than 3rd world countries in this regard,” conservative political commentator Candace Owens said in an Aug. 23 post on X.

“I hear that the Covid-19 Election Variant may be coming back. I Will Not Comply,” Republican Kari Lake said in an Aug. 23 post on X.

The use of “election variant” comes in the context of the 2020 election—during the COVID pandemic—when many states expanded voting procedures, including mail-in ballots, to accommodate lockdown restrictions.

“In the 2020 election, 69 percent of voters nationwide cast their ballot non-traditionally—by mail and/or before Election Day,” according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

A Pew Research survey from November 2020 showed that Democrats benefited greatly from mail-in ballots. While 32 percent of Trump supporters voted through absentee or mail-in ballots, this was much higher in the case of Joe Biden, as 58 percent of his supporters used mail-in ballots.

Meanwhile, some Hollywood celebs have started promoting mask-wearing.

“COVID is on the rise. SO MANY friends now are really sick. BE MINDFUL. WEAR A MASK if required or even if you feel unwell and are out in public spaces,” Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis said in an Aug. 22 Instagram post showing an image of the actress with a mask.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson responded to Curtis’ mask promotion by stating, “Enough medical fascism.”

“Stay at home if you’re scared. But leave the rest of us the hell alone,” he said in an Aug. 23 post on X.

  • EZ says:

    mandate shoving faucis head up bidens ass n’ vice versa

  • John W. says:

    Biden can wipe his ass on the masks. I will not comply.

  • Quasimodo 2020 says:

    You will be masked and locked down in democrat controlled states you can bet your ass on that. There is no other way to force a 100% vote by mail 2024 election that includes the 8 million new voters joe biden and the democratic party imported into the united states with out the lockdowns.

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