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Mark Meadows and His Wife Will Not Face Voter Fraud Charges

North Carolina’s state attorney general announced that former White House chief of staff to President Trump won’t face voter fraud charges related to his 2020 registration and absentee vote in the state.

His wife, Debra Meadows will also not face any charges.

This comes eight months after an investigation was launched after Meadows was accused of being registered to vote in several different states.

Meadows and his wife had registered to vote at a residence in Scaly Mountain, North Carolina without first changing the previous address on their driver’s license from Saphire, North Carolina.

During the 2020 election, Meadows voted with an absentee ballot since he was working in Washington, D.C. with Trump.

However, he failed to register to vote in Virginia while remaining eligible to vote in North Carolina because he was a public servant, and Trump won the battleground state by just one percentage point.

“While a person in Mr. Meadows’s position and with his background should be more familiar with the rules and requirements of residence and voting in North Carolina, the law does not distinguish between him and the average citizen when it comes to making a residency determination. Likewise, we cannot consider any other bad acts that Mr. Meadows may have committed in other jurisdictions regarding other matters, as they do not bear on the facts of this case,” documents from the case read.

Attorney General Josh Stein told the Associated Press that based on the findings of a voter fraud investigation, there was not sufficient evidence to warrant prosecution against Meadows and his wife.

In a memo to Stein, documents show that the couple rented the Scaly Mountain property for a year. Cellphone records prove that Meadow’s wife was in and around the area in October 2020.

Meadows qualified for a residency exception due to a state law, which says that a person can register at a “permanent place of abode” at least 30 days before an election because he was in public service in D.C.

The attorney general’s office decided not to press charges because of the couple’s situation and the fact that “prosecution of this matter could have a chilling effect on both public service and on voting.”

  • ron says:

    They just do this to discourage Anyone from working with Trump The question for all these SO concerned with the law, DID he vaote at all, did he vote twice, ?? I doubt it. He registed to vote, somewhere. The damn drivers license is FOR driving, not voting.

  • Walter Jones says:

    Democrats carry out these with hunts to cover their own crimes. It’s taught in the communist manifesto.

  • Jeff says:

    Okay, I’m glad that he won’t be persecuted . . . um, “prosecuted”.

    BUT: I happen to live in NC’s 11th district and I KNOW what an abominable RINO this critter really is. Don’t believe a word that comes out of this snake-oil salesman’s mouth . . .

    • GATOR says:

      Jeff, didn’t he start turning on Trump at the end? It’s been two years now, but I don’t remember him being around very much towards the end of 2020. I could be wrong.

  • Joe says:

    Russian collusion hoax
    Steel dossier hoax
    They Ukrainian bribery hoax and then they conceal the hard drive that would disprove that story.”
    misleading FISA request hoax
    the MULLER investigation hoax
    Muslim band was a hoax
    Trump Tower meeting with Russian attorneys hoax
    Russian server at trump tower was a hoax

  • Susan says:

    The swamp is good at smoke and mirrors but in the end the truth will always prevail.



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