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Manhunt Underway After Mall Shooting Leaves Three People Shot and Several More Injured

Delaware police are searching for at least one gunman after a shooting at a Christiana mall left three people shot, and five others injured late Saturday.

Delaware State Police say they do not believe the shooting was a random act. Investigators say an altercation began at the mall’s food court between multiple suspects and at least one of the victims.

The incident left three people shot and five others injured by other means. Police have yet to confirm how many suspects they are searching for, though they say there is no threat to the public at this time.

Jim Harmon, one of the gunshot victims, said he was waiting for his food to be ready when the gunfire began.

“We heard like seven or eight shots, ‘Bam! Bam! Bam!'” Harmon told Action News. “Everybody started running.”

Harmon’s injury is not life-threatening, he said.

“I felt something graze off my shoulder,” he told the outlet “It’s not bad, but it’s ok.”

Many shoppers were told to hide in stores immediately after the shooting occurred. Officers who first responded to the incident told residents to run and hide while they sought out the shooter and swept the building.

The Christiana Mall, located in Newark, Delaware, is the largest shopping mall in the state, attracting many due to the state’s lack of sales tax.

Police evacuated the mall Saturday evening, and it remains closed for Easter Sunday. Authorities have said residents can stop by to pick up any personal belongings they may have left in the complex, however.

Police have encouraged any residents who may have information about the shooting to come forward.


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  • Dorothy says:

    This is happening too much. They better start making arrests to prove, crime does not pay. In their case, they just seem to love killing. How were these people brought up? I wonder.

    • Auntie Vyris says:

      My Dad was a cop for 20 years and then a P.I. He said statistically, crime DOES pay.

      And he said this decades BEFORE the Democrats started their “zero prosecution” strategy, which seems to be going exactly the way they intended.

  • GATOR says:

    I’ll be surprised if one if not all of the suspects aren’t transgender freaks.



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