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Manhattan DA Bragg Agrees to Testify About His Prosecution of Trump — But There’s a Catch

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on Friday declined to testify about his prosecution of former President Donald Trump to House lawmakers next week.

In a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio., Bragg’s general counsel, Leslie Dubeck, said the district attorney has “scheduling conflicts” that will keep him from appearing before Congress. However, Dubeck indicated that Bragg may be open to cooperating with the committee in the future.

“This Office is committed to voluntary cooperation,” Dubeck wrote in a letter first reported by Politico. “That cooperation includes making the District Attorney available to provide testimony on behalf of the Office at an agreed-upon date, and evaluating the propriety of allowing an Assistant District Attorney to testify publicly about an active prosecution to which he is assigned. However, the proposed date that the Subcommittee selected without consulting the Office presents various scheduling conflicts.”

House Republicans have sought to drag Bragg into Congress on June 13 to answer questions about his prosecution of Trump, who was convicted on all 34 counts of falsifying business records brought by the district attorney.

Trump, who maintains his innocence, has called the prosecution a “witch hunt” coordinated by President Biden and Democrats with the intention of kneecapping his presidential campaign. Biden and Bragg have separately denied this accusation, though Republicans continue to allege prosecutors were politically motivated. Bragg had campaigned for office on a promise to “get Trump.”

In the letter, Dubeck criticized the Judicairy Committee’s invitation for Bragg to testify, writing that Jordan “has not made clear the scope of the proposed testimony.”

Dubeck also wrote that the upcoming sentencing hearing for Trump on July 11 and ongoing proceedings in the trial and appellate courts may prevent Bragg from testifying. Trump has said he will appeal his criminal conviction.

Dubeck wrote, “to participate in a public hearing at this time would be potentially detrimental to those efforts.”

She asked the committee to negotiate a new hearing date with Bragg’s office and clarify what exactly Republicans want Bragg to testify about.

“Everything is on the table as to what is next,” said Stefanie Farrell, a spokesperson for Chairman Jordan.

Earlier this week, Jordan told Fox News Digital he is proposing an appropriations package that would “defund the lawfare activities” of state and federal prosecutors leading “politically sensitive investigations,” pointing specifically to Special Counsel Jack Smith, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

In addition to his criminal conviction in New York, Trump is currently awaiting a Supreme Court ruling on whether he is immune from charges brought against him by Smith in his Jan. 6 investigation; awaiting a trial date on charges brought from Smith’s classified records case; and awaiting a trial date on charges brought by Willis in Georgia.

  • Don says:

    What a repulsive tub of shit. The blackwall Michelin Man.

  • Fry Braggs and then keep parading Engeron, Willis and all those that tortured Republicans for the last 9 years says:

    Because it doesn’t fit in his schedule. Didn’t this fat f*ck refuse to give President Trump time off during his trial for his Mother-in-Law’s funeral and then had to grovel & beg to attend his sons’ graduation. So there was ZERO leeway when it came to prosecuting Trump, his schedule or commitments but when Congress wants to hear from DA Bragg himself; his calendar is booked. He also wants to know what the topic of the meeting is – what charges etc = Isn’t that the SAME problem all of America had with this most recent carnival trial, no one knew what the charge was and how it went from a misdemeanor book-keeping category error and accelerated & heightened to a Felony for which years of imprisonment may happen. Treat Bragg the SAME way that his office treated Trump and then Congress should use the Judges’ Guidelines he gave to the Jury to decide DA Braggs involvement. Congress doesn’t have to worry about if only half or less than half or only 15 people agreed to the “charges” – as long as some agree and say DA Braggs is GUILTY that will be acceptable, and a handful of Congress CAN convict DA Braggs without a unanimous verdict. Who would have thought our Jury’s would NOT have to find the Defendant GUILTY, all Jurors, and if Congress has some doubt that’s not an issue as long as “some” agree that Braggs’ is guilty – that works for NY Justice in 2024.

    It’s time to use the SAME Rules, Apply the SAME instructions that the Judge did to the Jury, by all means strip DA Braggs of his ability to speak about what is happening to him to anyone and IF he does, hold him in contempt and charge him 1K per word etc.

    It’s way past time for the American People to sit on their Couch, call off work for a few days, make some popcorn and watch first hand as KARMA is served – we so rarely get to see it happen in Real Life and it could be uplifting like watching the OJ Simpson Trial, where we had “Watch Parties” – or when Millions called off work or didn’t attend classes when Luke & Laura got married on “General Hospital” (Guilty as charged – skipped my day of classes in College), watch Princess Di marry that louse Charles, etc. I want to see Braggs get the justice he is owed, then Engeron, Willis and just keep on going for ALL those who were “Above the Law” get the Justice they handed down onto others – get it themselves identical rules & regs in play. YES YES YES



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