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Man Who Murdered Woman on Hiking Trail Admits He Wanted ‘to Look Like Her,’ Uses ‘They/Them’ Pronouns

More details have emerged regarding the man suspected of murdering a woman on a hiking trail in Arizona. The man reportedly admitted to police that he has struggled with his sexuality, and he may have even used “they/them” pronouns on a social media profile.

On April 28, 29-year-old Lauren Heike went out for some exercise at a hiking trail near the border between Scottsdale and Phoenix. At some point, a man approached her from behind and violently attacked her. Reports indicate that Heike was stabbed at least 15 times and that she had defensive wounds on her hands and arms, though evidence indicates that she was not sexually assaulted. Heike later died from her injuries, and her body was discovered the following day.

Less than a week later, police arrested Zion William Teasley in connection to the fatal stabbing. Though just 22 years old, Teasley already has a violent criminal history. In 2020, he pled guilty to armed robbery, disorderly conduct, and robbery and spent 16 months in prison. Police said that DNA evidence collected from Heike’s shoe and cell phone data implicated Teasley.

When police confronted Teasley with surveillance footage showing a man fleeing the hiking trail area, Teasley initially stated, “That’s me,” but later walked that statement back and claimed he wasn’t sure. He then gave a strange response to a question regarding Heike’s death. “I am definitely not the person who plans to kill another person,” he said, according to police. “If I was going to do something like that, it wouldn’t be premeditated.”

Teasley also reportedly made other comments during interviews with police that indicate that he is a very disturbed man. When shown a picture of Heike, Teasley recognized her and admitted that he “wanted to look like her.” He also shared that, as a man raised with Christian values, he has struggled with his sexuality and wondered whether his sexuality will affect his eternal salvation. Police did not clarify exactly how Teasley identifies sexually.

In addition, a scan through LinkedIn profiles suggested that Teasley may not necessarily identify as male and that he does believe in preferred pronouns. A profile reportedly created by Teasley lists “they/them” pronouns next to his name, and the background photo encourages those who visit his page to “amplify black voices.”

Teasley remains in Maricopa County jail on charges which include first-degree murder and probation violation. The possible probation violation means he cannot be bonded out of custody.

While the legal process continues to play out, Heike’s family is left to mourn and plead for justice. She was “beautiful inside and out,” said her mother, Lana Heike. “She had such a kind heart. Everybody who met her loved her.”

“She was my little girl,” added Heike’s father, Jeff. “I’m really going to miss her.”

  • Rich...... says:

    Psychiatrists and psychologists keep telling us that these people…members of the LGBTQIA + community…are suffering from mental/emotional illnesses, characterized by paranoia, schizophrenia and a strong propensity towards violence.

    Initially, we thought this diagnosis much too extreme. But after months of watching these people in action and witnessing their growing demands and even more bizarre fantasies…not to mention the dramatic increase in violence on their part…we have to believe that the doctor’s theories are accurate and true.

    I think we all need to be aware of how irrational these people are and how easily they can become extremely violent….especially if we continue to allow them to use women’s facilities and to have unfettered access to our children. They are as unpredictable as they are capable of sudden violence.

    Where we used to watch their “performances” with an air of amusement and detachment, now we need to be thinking more in line with protection ourselves and our loved ones should a routine encounter with one of these deeply disturbed individuals suddenly goes wrong and becomes dangerous or even life threatening.

  • Scurvydog says:

    Take the man out to the desert. Stab him at least 15 times and let him bleed to death. Dig a hole with a back hoe, good and deep. Roll him into it, and cover it up just like a cat cover’s it’s hole when finished with its business.

  • Day says:

    Another reason all these freaks needs to be locked up! They are all dangerous and need to be sent to California and never let out into other parts of the America!

  • Patriot1951 says:

    Sad for Lauren’s family. Prayers go out to all of them! True Christians don’t kill people, only lunatics and evil monsters do.

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