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Man Who Lunged at Las Vegas Judge Brought Back to Court in Shackles, Mask and Prison Mitts

The same judge accosted by a defendant in a Las Vegas courtroom last week sentenced her attacker Monday to up to four years in prison in an unrelated case.

Deobra Delone Redden leaped over the bench and attacked Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus in her courtroom Wednesday after trying to convince the judge he was turning around his violent past.

The sentence handed down Monday was in connection with a baseball bat attack on a person last year.

Redden stood in court in shackles with a mask on his face and orange mitts on his hands, flanked by a group of jail officers.

His lawyer, Caesar Almase, declined to comment outside the courtroom.

In the attack last week, Redden had to be wrestled off the judge by several court and jail officers and courtroom staff members — including some who were seen throwing punches.

One courtroom marshal was hospitalized for treatment of a bleeding gash on his forehead and a dislocated shoulder.

Redden launched himself at the judge just after asking for leniency and describing himself as “a person who never stops trying to do the right thing no matter how hard it is.”

When it became clear Holthus was going to sentence him to prison time, the court marshal moved to handcuff Redden and take him into custody. That’s when the defendant started yelling expletives and charged forward as people in the courtroom audience began to scream.

Redden vaulted a defense table, dove over the judge’s bench and landed atop Holthus.

The video showed the judge falling back against a wall and an American flag toppling on them.

WARNING: The following video contains violence that some viewers may find disturbing.

Redden “supermanned over the judicial bench,” Jerry Wiese, the court’s chief judge, said in describing the event.

Holthus suffered some injuries but was back to work the next day.

Wiese credited court clerk Michael Lasso for acting quickly to protect the judge, saying he was the “primary person” who pulled Redden off “and probably kept her from having more severe injuries.”

Redden has a long criminal history that includes numerous violent offenses.

  • malady says:

    In Lou of what is going on in this country, we should adopt the ruling in court, have a special glassed room with sound, to stop this kind of violence.

  • Juanita says:

    This guy needs to stay in prison, permanently! He is a danger to anyone who meets him. He is a vicious, violent person and doesn’t seem to have any self control.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    FACT: Although blacks don’t make up 13% of the entire U.S. population, (actual, 12.74%), they account and are responsible for, (no less than), 71% of ALL crime. (Think about that for just a second). That’s taken right from the front page of the DOJ website.

    Some snakes are deadly, others are harmless. In the wild, all snakes are avoided because it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between them. The same holds true with what I call – ‘the 13%’. I avoid them as much as possible because I don’t feel safe around them. If you don’t believe that’s a fair statement of assessment, consider this: The propensity towards violence that black people display is not cultural – it’s genetics. It’s in their genes/DNA. In other words, they’re ‘wired’ like this from birth – and there is NOTHING a civilized society can do (other than w/ proper medication), to protect themselves from such individuals. It’s an inheritance from their ancestors. African tribes eternally fighting w/ each other for HUNDREDS of years w/ no governance, no civility, and no peace. Result? You can’t go anywhere, (fast-food restaurant, carnival, or to just get a free bag of chips with my 10-year-old granddaughter), without some incident ensuing if they’re present. Why is this? Because they have no ‘skin in the game’ to speak of. No self-worth nor purpose in life. Just the propensity for violence, which is triggered w/ the least resistance to anything they feel they’re ‘entitled’ to, (which is – EVERYTHING). In addition, (and compliments of our government who coddles and strokes these animals), they’re aware they will experience (almost) no negative consequences for ANYTHING they do/say, but which results in huge negative consequences for others. All compliments of the Democrats who break EVERYTHING they touch. So much for all their awesome programs to make things “better”.

    Over one-and-a-half centuries since emancipation, trillions of dollars of free stuff, and over half-a-century of UNCONSTITUTIONAL Affirmative Action, equates that the most expensive experiment in history is a complete and utter failure. Initially, Affirmative Action was sold as a ten-year diversion from our Constitution; it’s now been SIXTY years. No matter how long or how hard we (try to) pound the square peg into the round hole, it is NOT going to fit. The experiment has failed…PERIOD. Apart from a small minority who have assimilated to a civilized culture, the majority have remained feral. It is long past time to stop fooling ourselves into thinking that all our tried and failed programs will correct this, as the evidence overwhelmingly shows – it will not.

    Reparations? How about a one-way airfare back to Africa. Throw in a Louis Vuitton purse, a carbon fiber spear, a chucking manual, a mud hut blueprint, and a heartfelt KICK IN THE ASS – DONE! There they can continue killing each other daily, (as they do now), and we can live in relative peace.


    More correctly, we also have a problem with the political party enabling and promoting this Third World chaos and anarchy. Bottom line? As my Father told me long ago: There are TRULY only two things you can do w/ animals – cage ‘em or kill ‘em. DONE!

    • Can't wait for the Cleansing says:

      Yeah wisdom comes with Birth. Without wisdom you have No commen sense. Without common sense you have no leadership. Without leadership you have what we’ve got since the stolen 2020 election. Tell that to a leftist and their brain will fry. This is why we are at this Point. Morals are near Obsolete. Judicial laws are immoral at every level in all 50 states. I’m pretty sure SWHTF in 2025. All the little acts against the people are obvious. They poked to hard since the EARLY NINETIES. AND NOW THE HOUSE DECEPTION is taking a back seat to reality. 2025 will justify a whole lot of the BS. being pushed by Nazi Marxist Democrats and MSM.

  • Sparky says:

    Nothing say more than showing how’s reformed from violence he is,,,,like JUMPING over and onto the judge violently trying to hurt her….lololololol



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