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Man Clobbers Disturbed Woman in Face at NYC Earth Day Event — Just Steps from Eric Adams

Not even an event thrown by Mayor Eric Adams is immune from the violence plaguing the Big Apple.

An apparent emotionally disturbed woman got clobbered to the face Saturday by an unidentified man roughly 10 feet away from Adams during a “Car-Free Earth Day” celebration he hosted in the South Bronx.

The woman, who appeared to be in her late 20s to early 30s, started the brouhaha around 1:45 p.m. along Roberto Clemente Plaza on Willis Avenue, according to a video captured by a Post photographer.

She began repeatedly kicking bags of recyclables left along the plaza before opening them and dumping debris while bystanders stared in shock.

A stone-faced 60-something-year-old man, who was wearing sunglasses and a cap, began jawing at her to stop, but she didn’t back down.

Instead, she broke off pieces of pizza she was eating and sassily tossed them at him as he walked away.

The woman then dumped more debris out of one bag, yelling, ‘F–k off my block! What the f–k is up?!” before the man had enough.

He grabbed her shirt with his right hand and clocked her in the face with a wild-left roundhouse punch, dropping her to the pavement as startled onlookers gasped, “Oh!”

Members of the mayor’s security detail and event organizers quickly tried to separate the two.

However, the woman rose from the ground within two seconds and charged at the man screaming, “You want to hit me, n—a!”

She jumped up swinging but failed to land her punches because the man was already being escorted away in the opposite direction by security.

The woman walked away fuming — as a smiling Adams posed for selfies nearby and greeted about 30 supporters.

It’s unclear if Hizzoner heard the initial exchange, but minutes later he asked his security if there was a “uniformed officer” around to help resolve the disagreement after the woman stormed back screaming, “He hit me!” — and demanded a rematch.

The identities of both sluggers could not immediately be confirmed.

No one was arrested.

  • John says:

    Now that’s a real American black man punching that black Democrat entitlement Thug monkey privileged fake victim skanky bitch in the face, the whole crowd of fascist demons needed to be beat down by these older American blacks and whites that don’t want this scum destroying what they fought and gave their blood for , if more good people continue to do this rightful Act of protecting their property and selves this crap will end but these attacks on these violent fake victim protected pussies has to be more violently delivered then just one punch like these demons stomp on old people 20 on one cuz they’re Savages and they know they’re not going to be arrested by a corrupted pedophile communist child molesting Epstein Island vacationing Democrat corrupted Constitution hating non-elected fascist judge, and the fascist nazi Democrat communist law enforcement agencies who steal taxpayers money to protect their paycheck not the American people these New Era communist child predator protecting, and criminal illegal alien coddling Nazis are just as much to blame, when a communist fraudulently elected government takes away your constitutional rights it’s time to reinforce them yourself these are domestic terrorists in a fraudulently elected coup d’etat running the country right now till they’re killed or removed you’re on your own when it comes to Justice

  • Mjrtoo says:

    We most certainly have a mental health crisis in this country.

  • Elaine D says:

    She should have been arrested for littering.

  • John the baptist says:

    That trash almost dropped her trash !



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