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Man Arrested After Van with Guns Found Near Supreme Court

An elderly man was arrested after U.S. Capitol Police found a suspicious van packed with guns on Capitol grounds a short distance away from the Supreme Court.

Officers noticed the white van at around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday because it was illegally parked along the 100 block of East Capitol Street, Capitol Police said in a press release.

The driver, identified as 80-year-old Tony Payne of Tunnel Hill, Georgia, told Capitol Police officers he had guns in the van, and a K-9 also “hit” on the vehicle, the statement noted.

The driver, another man, and a woman were all detained during the search, and officers found two handguns and a shotgun inside the van, Capitol Police said.

“The individuals told our investigators they were here to deliver documents to the U.S. Supreme Court,” the statement said. “A pipe and containers were also found in the van, so the USCP Hazardous Incident Response Division did a thorough search and cleared the van.”

Payne has been charged with “Unregistered Firearm, Unregistered Ammunition, and Carrying a Pistol without a License,” while the other two were briefly detained but not arrested, according to the statement.

Before issuing a correction, the Capitol Police said Payne had been charged with “40 U.S. Code § 5104 — Unlawful activities — for bringing the weapons to Capitol Grounds.”

  • Russell says:

    Yet another incomplete article. Did this guy have the documents he claimed to be delivering? So, he had guns. Did he have ammo to go with them?

    Also, what part of the 2nd Amendment; you know, the part that says “…it shall not be infringed…” is this guy in violation of, anyway?

  • Susan says:

    you know that he is a democrat because if he was a republican or a Trump voter/MAGA, the article would have started out with, ” a MAGA Trump supporter showed up at the capital with guns…”

    The Deep state got rid of Scalise and now they want to get rid of Thomas!

  • Jim says:

    Another false flag operation.


    More liberal terrorism.

    Either way, its reason is to remove more rights from lawful citizens.

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