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Majority of Democrats Now Oppose Biden as 2024 Nominee

Democrat party voters are unhappy President Joe Biden, 81, is the presumptive Democrat nominee to likely challenge former President Donald Trump, Fox News polling revealed Sunday.

The poll highlights the disconnect and discord inflicting the Democrat party after Biden refused to step aside and allow a different Democrat to lead the party.

The survey showed:

  • 54 percent of Democrat primary voters prefer an alternative to Biden.
  • Just 43 percent of Democrat primary voters want to keep Biden.

The polling showed a slight uptick in negative sentiment against the president:

  • October: 53 percent prefer an alternative, while 45 want to keep Biden
  • March: 52 percent prefer an alternative, while 44 want to keep Biden

Biden previously told reporters in December he must run for reelection after prominent Democrats implored him to reconsider a second bid against Trump.

“Would you be running if Trump wasn’t running?” a reporter asked Biden.

“I expect so,” Biden replied. “But he is running, and — I just — I have to run.”

Biden’s comment came on the same day he told donors he probably would not run if Trump was not running.

“If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running,” Biden said, adding that Democrats “cannot let him [Trump] win.”

National and battleground state polling shows Biden losing to Trump:

  • Morning Consult: Trump leads Biden in six of seven crucial swing states.
  • NBC News: Trump leads Biden by two points.
  • Fox News: Trump trounces Biden by four points.

The poll surveyed 1,0007 registered voters from December 10-13 with a 4.5 point margin of error.

  • Sam says:

    Hilarious. If Biden runs – he GUARANTEES Trump a win!!

  • A. Michaels says:

    Biden has a career? Who knew being a crook was a career?



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