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Major Bud Light Competitor Goes All-In on LGBT ‘Pride’

Molson Coors, the Chicago-based company that owns the Miller and Coors brands of beers, has vowed to sponsor LGBT events “for decades to come.”

The disclosure comes amid an organic, nationwide boycott of Bud Light from conservatives over the brand’s former partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Molson Coors brands such as Miller and Coors have benefited from the drop in sales of Bud Light and other AB InBev products.

But the company is again sponsoring this year’s annual LGBT “pride” events in Denver this coming weekend.

The 2023 Coors Light Denver Pride Parade is scheduled for Sunday in the city’s downtown area. A 14-block parade sponsored by the brewer is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. local time.

Molson Coors has not expressed concerns about facing a backlash similar to that of AB InBev.

Asked for comment on its decision to sponsor the events this weekend in Denver, the company told Axios it had sponsored the event for decades.

A company representative told the outlet Molson Coors will do so “for decades to come.”

A group called Denver Pride, which schedules all the events, dedicates an entire page on its website to the company.

Molson Coors spokesman Michael Nordman told the group in 2021 the company is steadfast in its commitment to sponsoring the LGBT group.

“Our Pride runs mile high so we are excited to support the Center’s vital programs and services that positively impact the LGBTQ+ community,” Nordman said.

Denver Pride also notes, “Molson Coors has proudly earned a perfect 100 score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, which measure companies’ internal LGBTQ+ policies and external practices.”

Other sponsors of Denver “pride” events scheduled for the weekend include the AARP, Nissan, JPMorgan Chase, Verizon, Visa, Walmart and Wells Fargo.

The above companies are sponsoring one event on Saturday called the “Denver Dyke March & Rally” and another event on the same day for children.

That event is called the “Youth Alley PrideFest Schedule.”

Bud Light was America’s best-selling beer until earlier this month when the ongoing boycott catapulted Modelo to the top spot.

AB InBev lost billions in market cap value following its decision to offer Mulvaney a social media partnership.

  • Sicsam says:

    The rest of the year is eliminating Trannys

  • Russell says:

    Science Deniers Among Us Are Rampant

    In the past, we all mostly tolerated the deviants among us. They have mistaken our tolerance as acceptance of their perversions. It never was more than tolerance of their perverted behaviors. As we all know, likely them as well, that they are deviants and science deniers of the first order. But, we were willing to accept their weird choices. It was once okay to allow a policy that we were willing to accept regarding their weird behaviors – as long as it was only our tolerance that was expected.

    Now, given the arrogant manner they now display, they have become very aggressive and have clearly decided that they have some right to demand that we demonstrate actual acceptance of these perverted behaviors. Whether gay, bi, homo, trans, it doesn’t matter, they want us to readily accept their deviancies. Their claim now is that their science denying behaviors should be normal and allow them out of our “tolerated zone” and make them an open and readily accepted group in our society. They are not anything other than science denying deviants, never having been anything else, and won’t ever be anything but deviants of normally acceptable behavior.

    These perverts have crept into our schools with their deceptions, started corrupting our kids; actually claiming science is no longer accurate. Common sense things such as definitions of what a woman or man is, are somehow personal choices. This isn’t science, realism, or factual. Most know this is not right.

    However, these people have crossed the line from being tolerated into requiring, actually demanding, that we accept their perverted deceptions as matters of fact. These deviant behaviors still are not factually scientific. Nor will they ever be.

    We are now being forced by these deviant groups into intentionally having to choose to withdraw our previous tolerances. We can no longer show ANY acceptance of their deviant behaviors. We have to stand up, and take a position respecting science, demand that they get out of our schools, stop brainwashing our kids, and stop being a deviant part of society.

    It is time to tell these deviants that tolerance time is long past, that their perverted behaviors are no longer acceptable; and we are not going to continue to tolerate this sad, minuscule little group of science denying whiners.


  • You GO Woke You Go Broke says:

    Here’s another leftist Woke beer brans Coors and Miller they just can’t stand the fact that all Americans have kept them in business all these years now they stabbed everyday no Americans in the back! Go Woke Go Broke take a good look at bud lite their hemorrhaging money because we’re done with you BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! I’m tell No you like Budweiser You can’t have our Children to destroy and that what the leftist lgbqst community thinks they have a right to destroy with their Trans GROOMING and brainwashing ideology somyou Go right ahead and Go Woke Go Broke we the people are fed up BOYCOTT Coor & Miller beers! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! Loser beers these companies will never learn! Take them out America!

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