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Maine Secretary of State’s House Swatted After Trump Ballot Decision

The home of Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows was swatted on Friday night while she was away with her family for the holiday weekend, the secretary confirmed via social media on Saturday.

Law enforcement officials are investigating the incident, which reportedly occurred after a man called the Augusta Regional Communication Center to report that he had broken into the state official’s house. However, when Maine State Police responded to the home, no one was at the residence.

Swatting calls are considered fake emergency calls that are intended to bring a large number of law enforcement to a particular address to scare the homeowners.

Friday’s incident comes after Bellow decided on Thursday to keep former President Donald Trump off the Maine Republican primary ballot, which she claims has led to an increase in threats against her.

“This behavior is unacceptable,” Bellows said in a Facebook post Saturday. “The non-stop threatening communications the people who work for me endured all day yesterday is unacceptable. It’s designed to scare not only me but also others into silence, to send a message. I am so grateful to have such an amazing team of employees at the Department of Secretary of State.”

Bellows said other people have been posting fake and dehumanizing images of her on social media, along with fake text messages. The state official warned that those actions could lead to more legitimate threats against her, her employees, and family members.

“These dehumanizing images and threatening communications directed at me and people I love are dangerous,” Bellows said.

“We should be able to agree to disagree on important issues without threats and violence.

Bellows also said her personal address has also been posted online.

Bellows ruled on Thursday that Trump had violated Section Three of the 14th Amendment and, therefore, was ineligible to be president. The third section bans those who previously swore to uphold the United States Constitution but have since participated in an insurrection or rebellion from holding federal, state, or nationally elected office.

Maine is now the second state to keep Trump off the ballot after the Colorado Supreme Court made the same decision last week. Trump’s campaign said the former president will appeal both decisions, and the topic is expected to be taken to the United States Supreme Court.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    No one was ‘swatted’. This is an attempt at making conservatives look bad. The whole thing was staged.

  • Chris Cross says:

    Hey Numb Nuts, when you get swatted more then 8 times like your people have done to Marjorie Taylor Green, then let us know. Also, our 45th President was not EVER convicted of any crime. So you’ve removed an innocent man unconstitutionally from the ballot. You’ll get your 15 minutes of fame, but you’ve been shown to be a shallow little twit.

  • Stewart says:

    It’s about damn TIME these democrat leftist communists got a taste of their OWN tactics.



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