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MAGA Trucker Delivers Message to Liberals Who Think They Know Trucking

For a party that claims to champion the rights of the working class, Democrats seem to know shockingly little about the wants and needs of those who actually make up the working class.

And recently, liberals have shown themselves shockingly ignorant regarding the wants and needs of truckers, the state of the trucking industry as a whole and, specifically, the New York City trucker boycott in the wake of the $350 million fine slapped on former President Donald Trump as a result of his fraud trial.

Luckily for them, “Trucker Jake” is here to set them straight.


In a video he shared Monday on X, Trucker Jake sarcastically noted how “overnight, liberals all have become experts on the trucking industry. They all know logistics forward and backwards.”

According to these new trucking experts, Jake said, “we’re all gonna lose our jobs, we’re all going to be replaced by AI.”

As it turns out, however, these experts might want to check their sources, because, as Jake explained, “we have a deficit in this country of 85,000 truck drivers.”

Moreover, he said, while truckers “could use the help” from AI, “it’s not gonna happen in my lifetime, it’s not gonna happen in your lifetime, it’s not gonna happen in your grandkids’ lifetime.”

Well then, his liberal interlocutor might retort, what about illegal immigrants? They’re desperate for jobs and would gladly take the place of you ungrateful MAGA extremists.

Unfortunately for Jake’s opponents, that’s not going to work so well either.

“Really, the illegals?” he said. “They can’t pass a background check, can’t pass a drug screening, and then you got the language barrier.”

Jake ended the video encouraging those participating in the boycott and offering his sympathies to those who, constrained by the need to make a living, cannot.

Now, while plenty of critics commented on Jake’s video (as one would expect for any Trump supporter online), the post did garner a decent amount of support as well.

One user commented, “Watching all the leftists show up in posts like this to show us how much they don’t know is always entertaining.”

The argument Trucker Jake makes in the video is undoubtedly compelling.

Will all truckers participate in this boycott? Most likely not.

But, according to statistics shared by, the majority of truckers are white men over the age of 45, usually without any sort of higher education, a demographic that tends to be overwhelmingly conservative.

Regardless of how many truckers end up boycotting, Jake makes an important point: Considering the shortage of truckers and the lack of alternative options — whether it’s AI or hiring illegals — truckers have quite a bit of leverage.

If even a significant minority refuses to deliver to New York, it could have a devastating effect on the city’s infrastructure and economy. And companies cannot afford to fire truckers en masse because they have no guarantee they can easily replace them.

All this means that, contrary to Trucker Jake’s liberal critics, the NYC trucker boycott could do some real damage.

  • annj says:

    Do stupid liberals and elites actually possess the knowledge to actually take care of themselves?
    ie: FARMING, TRUCKING, PLUMBING, ELECTRICIANS, MD’s, HEATING, BUILDING, ALL THE BASIC NECESSITIES…………I think NOT! While they’re destroying “WE THE PEOPLE”, they too will eventually perish via neglect. BUT, they’re too stupid to think for themselves.

  • Common Sense in America! says:

    They need to add DC to the list of places to not deliver to!!!



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