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Los Angeles Deploys ‘Water Police’ to Tattle on People They Think Are Using Too Much

Clipboards in hand, city officials are patrolling the streets of Los Angeles.

What are they looking for, exactly?


As Los Angeles faces a water crisis, the city’s Department of Water and Power has deployed such officials to respond to community complaints regarding water waste.

On Sunday, the AFP News Agency published a human interest piece on one such official — Damon Ayala.

Ayala “looks into hundreds of community complaints” every single week, according to the report.

Looking at one small pool of water on the sidewalk, he told AFP, “It’s not extreme, but it’s something that we want them to take a look at.”

In response to the current drought, Los Angeles is enforcing various water restrictions on residents, including limiting lawn irrigation to eight minutes, twice per week.

If Ayala finds an offender, the first violation elicits a warning.

After that come fines of up to $600.

Upon a fifth violation, a device is installed restricting the offender’s access to water.

As a result, many residents have given up on maintaining lush, green lawns, instead replacing them with plants native to the desert region.

AFP attributed California’s current crisis to “global warming driven by human activity, including the burning of fossil fuels.”

While many agree such factors have contributed to the issue, Mike Wade believes there is more to the story.

Wade, the executive director of the California Farm Water Coalition, believes Los Angeles’ crisis has been caused, in part, by mismanagement.

Speaking with The Daily Wire, Wade explained that California had not adequately prepared for such a season by creating water storage.

While Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom continues to push for government restrictions on private water use, others argue the government is preventing a solution.

“Some say different policies are needed in order to cut government regulations and allow water contractors to implement new programs to provide more water to their customers who need it,” the Daily Wire reported.

Regardless, until a solution is found, officials like Ayala will continue to patrol the streets looking for rogue puddles and overly active sprinklers.

  • Rita says:

    Your state is right on the ocean. Maybe instead of windmills and solar panels some effort should have been put into converting ocean water into drinking water.

  • Carmen says:

    Don’t you just love the tast and smell of a Communist run state. You young people better wake up because this is exactley what it is like when living in a Communist run country.
    I spent 29 years (in military) all over the world and if you think that Communisim/Marxist and ANY leftist crap that is being tought in our Commie schools; you better get your head removed from your pussy rear ends. Wake up and stop drinking the WOKE kool aid. Your life will be controlled from birth to death. This is a fact 100%. You will be told where to live, how much you earn, where you work, no pussy whiney unions, just gov. control, if you get medical care, what school to go to, speech control, mind control, etc………get it!
    WOKE doppers & BLMers (with out knowledge or education) Got it?
    P.S. if you like this crap than move to a Communist controlled country DON’T destroy this one.
    Plenty of Communist and hard core socialism countries and islands to choose from. Pack your bags and go because NO one is holding a gun to your head and making you stay here. Prince Harry (dip $hit) and his gold digging wife just insulted us at the U.N. the other day but the bums are living here in this country, California. So what’s stopping them from leaving? I know it’s a mind boggling Q but maybe they should ask themselves that.

  • Paul Otts says:

    Big mistake… them thinking.

  • Russian says:

    Very soon, the Nazis will limit the use of the shower once a week and will allow you to flush the toilet once every two days. For violation – three years in a strict regime concentration camp.



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