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Look at the Faces of the ABC News Panel After Biden’s Interview

Joe Biden sat down with former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos for an exclusive ABC News interview that was aimed at quelling the deafening concerns about the president’s mental health. It did no such thing.

The faces of the panel that were to weigh in on this interview say it all. ABC News’ Jon Karl rightly noted that Democrats who watched this disaster are even more worried since Joe doesn’t understand that he’s losing the election.

The debate was riddled with poll denialism and outright lies. Stephanopoulos asked about Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) reportedly mustering Democratic Senators to try to push Biden off the ticket. Biden said that Warner was a good man and tried to run for the party’s nomination—that never happened. The former Clinton White House communications director also said he had never seen a president with a 32 percent approval rating get re-elected; Biden said his poll numbers were better.

It was a magical mystery tour, much like the debate, where a mentally strained and degraded president can’t admit he’s losing and thinks this middling, half-coherent interview will silence his critics who are concerned about his broken brain.

Another lie Biden peddled pervasively was that he had a cold and a bad night when he debated Trump. We’ve all had colds and seen elderly members of our families go through them; we all know this wasn’t a cold. Second, he claims that exhaustion factored into his bad night. So, what’s this trip to Waffle House after getting boat raced by Trump at 2 am? The early morning pitstop at Waffle House shreds this “I had a bad debate because I was tired and sick” narrative.

Joe, you’re Drool McCool because you’re old and mentally impaired, and everyone who has handled a family member going through similar matters knows what’s going on—it’s why this concerted effort to not talk about his age won’t work. We all know you’re too old, including members of your own party.

Also, when asked about the likely scenario that Trump beat Biden in 2024, the word on the street is that the president will be okay with the result if he gives it his all. I’m not sure the party will like that sentiment:

This is insane, and even Nate Silver added that it was a disqualifying moment. When asked about taking a cognitive test, “If the Lord Almighty said get out of the race, I’d get out of the race. The Lord Almighty’s not coming down,” said Biden.


Also, good question:

  • k says:

    “THESE ARE CONJECTURES & “NOT” KNOWN FACTS~ Who’s in “CONTROL” of America~ hmmm, the same one’s that chose a dual citizen from Africa that “CONVENIENTLY” forgot to “RENEW” his dual citizenship (Barry Soetoro) gave him an opportunity to remain in America & erase “EVERYTHING & ANYTHING” about him, gave Barry a “NEW” identity as long as Barry played their game to bring in this NWO /whatever the cabal called it back then & from there Barry introduced the “WHOLE” world a speech about “FUNDAMENTALLY” transforming America & ran w/that idea & “EVERYTHING & ANYTHING” it involved!!!

    The “IN-BETWEENS” would be meeting w/ senior adviser Valerie Jarrett~ (FBI files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of Barry i.e. Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were “HARDCORE” Communists under investigation by the U.S. government).

    Back in 2008 Hillary Clinton brought up the ‘BIRTHER” campaign against Barry Soetoro that he was born in Kenya and is ineligible to be president. & years later she took a tour in 2012 to Africa & I believe she made a few “OUT OF THE WAY STOPS” so to speak to find out more about Barry Soetoro.

    Hillary found what she was searching for & used this info against Barry & they made a deal to carry out this “FUNDAMENTALLY” transformation of America “IF” she won the 2020 election & history tells us Hillary “LOST” & who is left to carry out this plan none other than Biden & ‘EVERYTHING & ANYTHING’ from there w/ Trump is based upon tying him up in courts & investigations to carry out this plan Barry initiated from the beginning hence the speech 5 days to fundamentally transforming America.

    The rest is history of the ‘CHAOS & DESTRUCTION” w/ “EVERYTHING & ANYTHING” America & these “PUBLIC SERVANT PARASITES” will “NOT” stop till they have full “CONTROL” over America & that includes “WE” the people.

    That being said, this is “WHY” America has “OPEN BORDERS”~ these are “GOOD LIL SOLIDERS” that were “INVITED” in & “OFFERED” the basic necessities & to live in America by giving “ILL-GOTTEN PROMISES” to do the biddings of these parasites that are “RUINING” America!!! Those “PUBLIC SERVANTS” that are “WERE” elected by “WE” the people know “WE” will “NOT” submit to their tearing down America & “REBUILDING” it as they see America to be ~ “MARXIST” country that is “CONTROLLED” by them & “NOT” We the People!!!

    “IF” I stand corrected & again this is “CONJECTURE” & “NOT” facts, “STRAP” some boots on & give em uniforms to those “ILLEGAL ALIENS” & fight for Israel as well as “EVERY'” country these wanna-be dictator parasites that are funding money to in support of these bloody wars!!!

  • Gary Lingle says:

    LMFAO! They have him so juiced up with drugs! As soon as he misses a dose he will drop dead immediately!



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