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Longtime CNN Reporter Announces Departure from Network

Longtime CNN personality John Avlon announced on Friday that he is departing the network.

Avlon has worked as a senior political analyst and anchor at the network since Jan. 2010, according to his LinkedIn account. He previously worked as editor-in-chief and managing director of The Daily Beast.

His colleagues Poppy Harlow and Phil Mattingly said their goodbyes Friday, during a segment of “CNN This Morning” while noting that Avlon would return occasionally as a guest.

“You’re such a joy,” Harlow said. “Not only do you make history fun for us. I learn from you everyday, and you’re such a good human. And that’s what matters.”

Avlon, for his part, offered a warm tribute to his time at the network.

“I have loved being with you and this extraordinary team and the extraordinary crew for so long, for so many years,” Avlon said. “It’s not a chore to get up this early, it’s a joy because of the comradery and the community and the important work that you all and CNN does everyday. So, it’s been an honor, and here’s to a new chapter and new adventure, but it’s been an honor.”

Avlon’s colleague Sara Sidner also bade him a farewell on Twitter.

“I’m gutted. John you have always been so incredibly knowledgeable and filled with historical context about the way this country works. I can’t imagine not chatting with you about important subjects in the halls and on the air. Damn,” she said.

Several personalities at CNN have departed the network in the past few years amid the major staffing shakeups that followed former CNN President Jeff Zucker’s resignation in Feb. 2022. The network also went through major lineup and staffing changes when the now-former President Chris Licht replaced Zucker.

Licht canceled the network’s longest-running program, “Reliable Sources” in Aug. 2022, leading former host Brian Stelter to depart the network. White House correspondent John Harwood also left CNN abruptly as Licht attempted to make the network’s coverage more politically biased.

Longtime host and personality Don Lemon was fired from CNN in April after drawing backlash for asserting that Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was no longer “in her prime.”

Licht was fired from his position in June, and two top communications executives left CNN the same day.

  • Pollyanna patriot says:

    How much you want to bet he was let go, low ratings, CNN is a shit show, can’t pay their bills…. LOL serves the Crazy Commie Network right….

  • T-Boned says:

    Left Wing CNN…..LOL. WANT BE MISSED!!! NEITHER WILL ANY EMPLOYEES AT MSM, DEMOCRAT NARRITIVE TV. JUST LOL. ALL THE WAY TO CONSERVATIVE TRUTH TV. I wouldn’t give any credit to any Democrat. They base their reporting and journalism on lies. Conservatives base their work on TRUTH and facts.

  • A. Michaels says:

    Never heard of him. But then, I don’t watch CCCNNN….the Clinton Coomunist Comedy No News Network…just sayin’



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