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‘Long-Term’ Evacuations Ordered After Train Derailment and ‘Leak’ in Illinois

A freight train derailed in Matteson, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, on Thursday, prompting some residents within a mile of the crash to evacuate their homes.

FOX 32 in Chicago reported that a Canadian National Railway train derailed near the 21000 block of Main Street at about 10:45 a.m., according to local officials.

As a result, homes nearby were evacuated because of a hazmat situation, as officials were looking at a leaking train car that contained liquefied petroleum gas.

The station added that the railcar did in fact leak a limited amount of petroleum gas, which was ultimately contained. Officials noted that there was no danger to the public.

Residents within a mile south of Main Street and 217th Street were given a mandatory evacuation order, as were areas a mile west of Main Street and a quarter of a mile east of Main Street.

Those ordered to evacuate were advised to prepare for a “long-term evacuation” and to take their medications or supplies before leaving their home.

However, the mandatory evacuation order was lifted, except for properties located immediately adjacent to the crash site.

Representatives from the Canadian National Railway are heading to the scene to lead the investigation and no injuries have been reported.

According to a Canadian National Railway official, roughly 20 freight cars carrying various substances derailed, though it is unclear what caused the train to leave the tracks.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker said on X that he and his administration were monitoring the derailment in Matteson and offered any resources needed to local officials.

“Residents should continue to take precautions at the direction of first responders,” the governor said. “Thank you to those on the scene providing assistance.”

  • southersgolfer says:

    One has to wonder with these derailments that are happening, is it the fault of lack of maintenance? We have a do nothing secretary of transportation who I am sure would be in charge of things like this? Go out and inspect the infrastructure. Is it the fault of the railway company for lack of maintenance? They are putting people lives in harms way as a result of these accidents. One thought on the cause of the derailment in E. Palestine was a faulty wheel bearing on one of the cars. Does anyone really give these things a thorough look over to possibly prevent this from happening? Just saying.

  • Zeus Papadopoulos says:

    So, Tranny Secretary, Budigigi? What are you spending that huge infrastructure bill money on? EV charging stations? 7 of them, so far. Sure hasn’t been for roads, rail systems. Such incompetence is criminal.

  • Christopher Sullivan says:

    Instead of fixing our ancient rail system they spend our money on DEI to exaggerate a racial divide that they need to exploit for the election.

  • orville says:

    Why is not Biden in jail? Why is he not in an adult care facility? Why is Dr Jill allowed to use him for her own avenue to public popularity as First Lady?

  • frank says:

    Another act of war guerilla warfare….



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