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Liz Cheney Gets Surprising Endorsement from Former Dem Senator

As we’ve reported, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is in deep trouble in her primary on August 16. She’s 30 points behind her Trump-endorsed challenger, Harriet Hageman. She’s about to get wiped out by historic proportions, by all accounts.

But she does have some Democrats coming out trying to cover her action. She just got an endorsement that’s sure to put her over the top now — disgraced former Democratic senator Al Franken.

I’ll leave the door open to the possibility that this is an attempt at comedy since that’s what Franken is allegedly doing now, since the groping scandal and leaving the Senate. An endorsement from Franken not going to help Cheney. If it had any effect at all, it would make any remaining person on the fence in Wyoming race over to Hageman. But it’s like adding one more thing on the list of why not to vote for Cheney.

Cheney’s Democratic buddies are already trying to pull out an excuse for her loss, but more to try to taint Republicans. It’s because of the threats that she couldn’t campaign, according to Democratic operative David Axelrod.

Is that her excuse for ignoring Republican town halls and events for the last two years? Some representative.

But here she is at an event with 10s of people, so so much for Axelrod’s claim. It’s just about trying to demonize Republicans. But the picture itself is hilarious and pretty much says it all for how many people she draws for anything. Look at the body language — how bored and uninterested those people are.

The guy scratching his beard is great, the two young guys in the checked shirts look like they’d rather be anywhere else.

This is a tweet that she’s putting out and that’s the best she can do to promote herself? The attendance is sad and the attitude is sadder than that.

But this is where she’s at, at his point. And Franken, notwithstanding, she’s about to be shown the door on Tuesday.

  • ELAINE67 says:

    The BIG DEM & RINO FLUSH is Here & will continue & culminate up to the 2024 Take down & then the Huge Communist Flush Happens. Getting there & watching Rinos go down along the way is a Glorious Event for ALL Decent LEGAL American Citizens that are taking back their Country & their Freedom from these Dem Commie White Sl**ers & Tyr*nts acting like Adolf Hitler’s NAZ*I. JUST LIKE HITLER by Experimenting on, Punishing & then Exterminat*ng the Jews & all nations that opposed him. A MONSTER. Democrat Pol Tyrants are ALL acting just like Hitler did. And ALL these these Dem Pole Dirt think They Own & Control US. Pfft Never going to happen Hussein Obama you Taliban Loving, America Hating Nation Kil*er. Dem Spy & a Tra*tor to America. Obama is now Hated for all of his Betrayals, Crimes, Schemes & Li*s & by all colors & countries now. The Barrack Hussein Obama Legacy from He*l. His poor family!

  • ELAINE67 says:

    Just what that RINO JOKE & Traitor to America needed another ANCHOR ON HER NECK choking her. Go team Rino to the garbage bin with the rest of The Dem Political (pol) Dirt. A disgraced & hat*d Crim*nal Dem loving joke & all of her Communist Dem owners & tyrants controlling their Cheney doll their corner ly*ng & scheming daily. The very best she can do apparently, She will Crash & Burn finally. Her usefulness is over to the Dem Pol Communist Ly*ng Ch*ating Dem Traitors to America & Dem Spies working for Obama. Time to crawl away now little spoiled & jealous RINO Puppy. Liz Cheney has always been a little obedient Puppy on Nancy Pelosi’s RINO Dog Leash. Nancy can be heard daily yapping at her Rino puppy “Sit Liz, I said Sit. Good dog!”
    The hat* for this Rino Traitor just grows & grows & is even worse then what we have for Mitt Romney another Rino Joke. Yes another Bitter mean-spirited JEALOUS Never Good Enough political Joke & pitiful Sore Loser! The Big L.
    Romney is just a whining little insignificant over the hill politician with an Ended Political Career & his Rino usefulness to any party in America gone now. RINOS are like Lepers really. Shunned by all in the end.
    Rinos are ALL being put out to pasture to Fade Away like the nasty Insignificant Fleas on a dog. Fleas are dirty little Pests to be eliminated with flea powder to end them & then Flushed off the dog & washed down the drain forever. End!

  • Marlene says:

    Of course, she did. Cheney is a RINO – Republican in Name Only-!!! RINO’S need to be Voted Out-!!!

  • Marlene says:




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