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Livid’ Manchin Furious with Biden and ‘Raising Hell’ on Capitol Hill

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., is reportedly “livid” with how President Biden has begun implementing the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the major Democratic Party legislation that was signed into law only after the senator from West Virginia pledged to support it.

Even though Manchin pledged support for the bill after months of debate with party members and the president on proposed legislation, Politico reported Thursday he has been “raising hell” on Capitol Hill over how the Biden administration is rolling it out.

In a blistering statement, the lawmaker torched Democrats who view the act as a vehicle to fight climate change rather than an “energy securing measure.” He called their perspective “bulls***” and accused them of seeking to “starve” Americans “out of energy.”

Politico’s recent report opened by stating that “the West Virginia Democrat is livid about how his party’s president and his administration are rolling out a party-line bill that served as a crowning achievement for both men — and he’s particularly peeved at a delay in new guidelines on who gets the law’s generous electric vehicle tax credits.”

The piece explained that Manchin has introduced a bill to “halt the credits until Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen implements strict requirements for electric-vehicle battery sourcing,” as he has been seeking a way to use to the credits “to boost U.S.-manufactured rather than overseas-made vehicles.”

Politico reported on a recent interview with the lawmaker, who claimed that talks over the legislation with the administration have been contentious. He said, “I’ve been raising hell.”

Bashing how the administration wants to implement the act’s EV tax credits, Manchin claimed, “They almost act like they gotta send $7,500 or a person won’t buy a car. Which is crazy, ludicrous thinking for the federal government.”

He added, “I just totally and absolutely am disagreeing with what they’re doing.”

Manchin’s IRA grievances go beyond the EV tax credits. He sees his party promoting the law as a “climate change-fighting one” rather than an “energy security measure” he believes it truly is.

Politico noted that of late, Manchin has been touting “the power of the bill he wrote in order to puncture Democratic hopes of ending U.S. reliance on fossil fuels.”

He saved some harsh words for Democrats who would promote the law to make this transition. The outlet quoted him saying, “This is bulls***. So they’re gonna basically starve us out of energy that we have a tremendous, abundant supply of because of their aspirational thoughts?”

Manchin added, “I will continue to fight and I’ll do everything I can to make sure the public knows what they’re doing and what it will do to you and your economy and your lifestyle.”

Manchin’s support for the IRA has proven controversial, especially among his constituents in the red state of West Virginia. As the outlet noted, “Manchin’s approval ratings back home took a hit after he supported the Inflation Reduction Act.”

Voters may have viewed Manchin signing onto the legislation as an act supportive of Democrats’ climate agenda. But as one anonymous Manchin colleague told Politico, the senator earnestly believes that the law puts the U.S. “on track to energy independence.”

  • Susan says:

    The corrupted ones give their inflated budgets a “nice” name like Inflation reduction act or Infrastructure bill when it is actually bills that are intending to bring our country to its knees and it is intended to rob every American of their civil liberties, their homes, their bank accounts and their life basically and to further destroy the hearts (literally and figuratively) and minds of the young and impressionable!
    The Biden admin is here to destroy America, it is called “build back better” UN Agenda! and in order to build back anything, you have to destroy what is already there, and that is exactly what Biden’s job details, the complete and utter annihilation of the US of America.

  • Quasimodo 2020 says:

    It is simple. Democrats believe they are amrrican royalty and sold this country to foriegn interests. Democrats want united states citizens dependent up on foriegn nations for everything from energy to goods and food that way it will be easier to convince the weak minded that they did us a favor by signing the title to america over to the globalist U.N and WEF.



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