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List: Anheuser-Busch Owns All of These Brands Too

As Townhall has reported extensively, blowback to Bud Light’s decision to team up with “woman” Dylan Mulvaney has been swift and severe, with the brand’s bottom line taking a noticeable hit.

Leah reported this week on the latest “shocking deterioration” of demand for Bud Light. For the week ending April 22, “off-premise sales volume, which is the beer sold outside of restaurants and bars, fell by 26.1 percent from a year earlier” after falling 21.1 percent the week before. “We’ve never seen such a dramatic shift in national share in such a short period of time,” Beer Business Daily noted.

It turns out, unsurprisingly, that Americans don’t want their suds to have a woke aftertaste.

And while calls to steer clear of Bud Light are apparently working and having a “shocking” impact on the product’s sales, the beer is only one of dozens of drinks and brands owned by Anheuser-Busch. For those who’ve been boycotting Bud Light, they may have unintentionally still been handing money to its parent company through one of these other products. If you’re one of the apparently numerous Americans putting Bud Light on your do not buy list, there are a lot more Anheuser-Busch brands to add.

In addition to Bud Light and Budweiser offerings, Anheuser-Busch owns Kona Brewing Co., Michelob Ultra, Stella Artois, Estrella Jalisco, Busch, Natural Light, Landshark Lager, Presidente, Hoegaarden, Shock Top, Bass Pale Ale, Beck’s, and Boddington’s Pub Ale. If you’ve bought those beers, you’ve supported Bud Light’s parent company. But Anheuser-Busch’s reach doesn’t end there.

The company’s “Beyond Beer roster includes hard seltzers, canned wines, canned cocktails, and more,” according to its “family of brands” list. BABE Rosé and canned wines are also owned by Anheuser-Busch, as are Cutwater Spirits canned cocktails, Hiball energy drinks, NUTRL vodka seltzers, Bon Viv spiked seltzers, Boxology wine margaritas, and RITAS sparkling margaritas. Again, if you’ve bought those drinks, you’ve supported Bud Light’s parent company.

If you’re looking to really steer clear of Anheuser-Busch, the company also lists a number of “craft partners” who “are advancing the beer category by bringing together a shared commitment to quality, communities, and innovation with a mission to energize how people view, consume and experience beer.” Those include 10 Barrel Brewing Co., Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Blue Point Brewing Co., Breckenridge Brewery, Cisco Brewers, Devils Backbone Brewing Company, Elysian Brewing, Four Peaks Brewing Co., Golden Road Brewing, Goose Island Beer Co., Karbach Brewing Company, Omission, Platform Beer Co., Red Hook, Square Mile Cider Co., Veza Sur Brewing Co., Virtue Cider, Wicked Weed Brewing, Widmer Brothers Brewing, and Wynwood Brewing.

In addition to these main product offerings, a full listing of products and brands owned by Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser-Busch also includes O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beer, Rolling Rock, St. Pauli Girl, King Cobra malt liquor, Los Sundays tequila seltzers, Margaritaville Tropical Punch, MD 20/20 spiked punch, Montejo, Neon Burst hard drink, Noonshine, Redbridge, and Spaten.


    I you ask me Bud is like drinking Buzzard Piss never have and never will.!



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