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Lindsey Graham Responds After Warrant Is Issued for His Arrest

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Monday tweeted that he will wear his arrest warrant from Russia as a “badge of honor.”

Russia’s Interior Ministry issued the warrant based on a video released by Ukraine of Graham’s meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

In the edited video, Graham said “the Russians are dying” and called American military aid to Ukraine “the best money we’ve ever spent,” according to Politico.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov slammed Graham, saying, “It’s hard to imagine a greater shame for the country than having such senators.”

Russia’s Interior Ministry issued the warrant for Graham’s arrest on Monday. Graham was not the least repentant.

“To know that my commitment to Ukraine has drawn the ire of Putin’s regime brings me immense joy. I will continue to stand with and for Ukraine’s freedom until every Russian soldier is expelled from Ukrainian territory,” he posted.

“I will wear the arrest warrant issued by Putin’s corrupt and immoral government as a Badge of Honor,” he also wrote on Twitter.

“Finally, here’s an offer to my Russian ‘friends’ who want to arrest and try me for calling out the Putin regime as being war criminals: I will submit to jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court if you do. Come and make your best case. See you in The Hague!,” Graham wrote.

After the Russian reaction, Ukraine released the full video that proved the excerpts were not connected, according to Reuters.

However, there was no mistaking the hawkish tone of Graham’s support for Ukraine bringing the war to Russian forces.

“The Russian military is about to have holy hell released on them,” Graham said Friday, according to USA Today.

Graham said Ukrainians fighting for their homeland recalled “our better selves in America,” according to Reuters.

“There was a time in America that we were this way, fighting to the last person, we were going to be free or die,” he said.

However, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev mocked Graham.

“The old fool Senator Lindsey Graham said that the United States has never spent money so successfully as on the murder of Russians. He shouldn’t have done that,” Medvedev said.

“As usual the Russia propaganda machine is hard at work,” Graham told Reuters Sunday.

Graham said he told Zelenskyy “that Ukraine has adopted the American mantra, ‘Live Free or Die.’ It has been a good investment by the United States to help liberate Ukraine from Russian war criminals.”

Graham also offered a personal retort to Medvedev.

“Mr. Medvedev, if you want Russians to stop dying in Ukraine, withdraw. Stop the invasion. Stop the war crimes. The truth is that you and (President Vladimir) Putin could care less about Russian soldiers,” he said.

  • Ger says:

    That is a sideways curve. Is FBI Wray on house arrest?

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