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Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik Dismantles USA Today Over Hit Piece

It’s always a good day when we can bring you yet another story about Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik completely outplaying the legacy media and putting them to shame.

It all started with USA Today “journalist” Will Carless and his article trying to tie Raichik and her tweets to threats supposedly made to people and organizations whose derangement Libs of TikTok has highlighted on social media.

Carless asserts his publication “confirmed dozens of bomb threats, death threats and other harassment” that can be traced directly to Libs of TikTok posts starting in February of 2022.

And where did Carless go to get such confirmations? Media Matters of America, of course. That bastion of truthfulness. Media Matters exists as a welfare scheme for liberal writers who failed to succeed in any other profession. Hillary Clinton co-founded MMA, so that’s all you really need to know.

Back to Chaya and the hit piece. She actually agreed to be interviewed by Carless for his piece, and, smart girl that she is, recorded their call in order to have the “receipts” when he and USA Today inevitably tried to skew her words and use them against her. The hit piece hit the internet last week and in print form on Monday.

Here’s a photo of Chaya proudly displaying her front page placement:

The article alleges “more than 30 possible threat incidents” can be tied to the Libs of TikTok account. “Possible” threats — and that revelation isn’t made until the ninth paragraph.

Behold the might Will Carless attributes to Chaya Raichik, who simply republishes the radical left in their own words and whose most ferocious calls-to-action are along the lines of “sure would be awful if more people saw this”:

Hospitals have been evacuated; schools and libraries have cleared classrooms and canceled lessons while police officers search for bombs. Bookstores, Pride parades, cafes, even a dog rescue center, have had to lock down for fear of reprisals – and violence.

Sure, Jan.

This isn’t Raichik’s first rodeo, and she went in prepared. She knew that Carless had already drawn a conclusion and found her guilty, but she spoke to him anyway. In doing so, she gave a masterclass on how conservatives should handle the mainstream media. They can’t be trusted to be honest brokers, so you have to assume their ill intent and make your own recordings any time you interact with “journalists.”

And that’s exactly what she did. Here are her receipts:

That’s fourteen times she denied calling for violence and, in fact, advocated for law enforcement to be engaged any time a threat of violence is made. None of that made it into Will Carless’ article, of course, because it didn’t fit his predetermined narrative. He decided ahead of time, based on garbage information from Media Matters, that Chaya was guilty, and nothing was going to dissuade him from writing the hit piece. Journalisming!

Chaya Raichik and her Libs of TikTok account are an existential threat to leftists everywhere, and the brilliance is in the simplicity of what she does: Taking their own words and shining a spotlight on them. It’s like a curated stream of content created by the criminally insane — and it’s hard to look away. Raichik doesn’t need to indict them; they indict themselves daily. Her growing follower account is a testament to the fact that what she’s doing is effective, which is why the Will Carless’ of the world are trying to stop her.

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  • Sam says:

    Al Nuehart must be rolling in his grave. He would never have believed USA Today would become less believable than the National Enquirer.

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