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‘Libs of TikTok’ Finally Shows Her Face, Reveals Amazing Gesture Made by Ron DeSantis

It looks like Florida governor Ron DeSantis is, like many of us, a fan of the Twitter account, Libs of TikTok. Run by Chaya Raichik, former real estate agent and current kryptonite to leftists everywhere, the account showcases the absurdity of woke social media users who proudly flaunt their efforts to indoctrinate others, often young children, into their warped ways of thinking. The brilliance of the account is that Raichik simply holds a mirror up to the depravity and lets it speak for itself, with a dash of commentary to put things in perspective. She started the account in November of 2020 and has amassed 1.7 million followers (not to mention the wrath of the left for highlighting their nonsense).

Because Chaya Raichik is so effective at exposing the left for who they truly are, she has naturally become a target. We know from the still-unfolding Twitter files that the left will use any and all means necessary to silence their critics or anyone they see as a threat to their power. One of the more insidious tools in their arsenal is doxxing, the practice of publishing private information on the internet, presumably with the hopes that an angry cabal of jackbooted thugs will descend upon a private citizen and hound them into silence … or worse. It’s a vile form of “activism,” but that’s just libs being libs. They do it to high-profile people like conservative Supreme Court justices and they do it to private citizens like Chaya Raichik.

Amazingly, Raichik had been able to keep her identity — and her face — anonymous for the first eighteen months that her account existed and grew in popularity as she spotlighted the many misdeeds of the left. That all changed in April of this year when the tiresome activist “journalist” Taylor Lorenz doxxed Raichik in a New York Times article, which made it necessary for Raichik to relocate for her safety. Surely to Lorenz’s chagrin, the Libs of TikTok account remained active and her follower account multiplied like the loaves and fishes.

After joining Tucker Carlson by phone multiple times on his primetime Fox News show, Raichik recently appeared in person on Carlson’s Fox Nation show, “Tucker Carlson Today.” It was the first time she had shown her face, which was noteworthy on its own. But it’s the story she told about what happened after she was doxxed by Lorenz that really left Tucker speechless.

In response to a question from Carlson about the support she received after being doxxed, Raichik revealed that Ron DeSantis offered her and her family a safe place to stay:

When I was doxxed, someone from Ron DeSantis’ team called me. And she said, “The governor wanted me to give you a message. He said if you don’t feel safe — you or your family — if you need a place to go, to hide, to stay, you can come to the Governor’s Mansion. He said we have a guest house for you, and you can come and stay as long as you need.”


After the video was posted, Raichik let her followers know that she had the opportunity to thank the governor for his offer, tweeting: “I recently got the opportunity to thank Ron DeSantis in person. He was so gracious. Brushed it off. He said ‘Of course! You do great work!’ It wasn’t even a question for him. Genuinely a kindhearted person.”

The kind gesture by DeSantis speaks volumes about his character and his resolve to never, ever kneel to the woke mob. It looks like he’s found a kindred spirit in Chaya Raichik, who similarly seems to have a spine of steel when it comes to dealing with the perpetually outraged left. Again, the truly funny part about Libs of TikTok account is that it merely puts the left’s own words and actions on blast to the Twitterverse (and beyond), and they can’t stand being exposed in such a public way and being powerless to stop it.

  • Grandpa says:

    Ron DeSantis is a class act and would make an awesome POTUS!

    • mtman2 says:

      Yes in 2028 unless Trump supports him in his place[but no fight] as Trump is up on everything and ready to launch a Well earned comeback;
      ~ remember he said ~
      “I have it all” = along with all the right connections in place…!

    • Richard Mundy says:

      Grandpa: Here’s an idea when Ron DeSantis runs for the office of president he can choose this person Chaya Raichik of Libs of TikTok for VP. Now that would make their Democratic heads spin off their shoulders.

  • Gunny says:

    This Taylor Lorenz needs to be put down. No one has the right to give anyone’s address to the public just because she disagrees with them.

  • Mark says:

    I get DeSantis is incredible… he is needed to serve in this Nation. But, Trump deserves after his sacrifice and dedication to Americans, to get his duly earned 2nd term. So tire of the reason people want to reject that is because he is controversial. Yes, and even says things that are offensive. Does that deserve what’s happening to this Nation? Trump deserved a second term more than any existing president if any. People who have power that can’t stand being exposed has used Americans that benefit from his America first policy’s, are being used as patsys for fake news and power gone amuck in the country, not to forget all the people who are just all for scoffing Gods laws set into the hearts of every child of God, to rebel against Him so satisfy one’s own sins without regard or repentance. What you are seeing folks is the beginning of the end of days… pray and read Revelations. Fear Gods wrath and repent. It’s almost over. Jesus is soon to return. Forgive me Lord and have mercy. I know you are God.

  • mtman2 says:

    Such a beautiful thing to see: decently in people going out of the way doing really decent thing for those who stand alone against the tide of Evil insanity WE now see done openly…!



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