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Legendary Journalist Barbara Walters Dead at Age 93

Legendary journalist Barbara Walters died at the age of 93 on Friday at her home in New York.

Walters was a trailblazer in the news industry, serving as the first female co-host of NBC’s The Today Show in 1974, and was the first female to anchor a network news evening news program alongside Harry Reasoner. She later went on to host ABC’s 20/20. Walters was also the co-creator and co-executive producer of The View. For years, she also served as a co-host, in addition to hosting her own specials featuring sit-down interviews with celebrities.

The announcement was made by Disney CEO Bob Iger on Twitter.

“I have sad news to share today. Barbara Walters passed away this evening at her home in New York,” Iger tweeted.

“Barbara was a true legend, a pioneer not just for women in Journalism but for Journalism itself,” Iger continued. “She was a one-of-a-kind reporter who landed many of the most important interviews of our time, from heads of state and leaders of regimes to the biggest celebrities and sports icons. I had the pleasure of calling Barbara a colleague for more than three decades, but more importantly, I was able to call her a dear friend.”

ABC News, where Walters spent the bulk of her decadeslong career, broke the news on air Friday night.


Among the many awards and achievements Walters garnered in her storied career was the legendary interview with then-Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1976. She also interviewed every sitting U.S. president, from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama.

Walters was often spoofed on Saturday Night Live, which routinely called her “Barbara Wawa”.

In 2014, she appeared on the show’s ‘Weekend Update’ segment.

“I’m a serious person, I’m not some fake anchor like you or Colin,” Walters joked with comedian Cecily Strong.

Tributes were quick to pour in for Walters.

“So often we toss around the words icon, legend, trailblazer – but Barbara Walters was all of these. And perhaps, above all else, Barbara Walters was brave. She paved the way for so many – we learned from her – and remain in awe of her to this day. RIP, Barbara,” World News Tonight anchor David Muir tweeted.

“So sad to hear of the passing of Barbara Walters. What an honor to share the set ⁦⁩with the inimitable trailblazer when I joined. Will never forget the phone call when she asked me to join the groundbreaking program,” colleague Deborah Roberts tweeted.

“Barbara Walters was an American institution,” actress Lynda Carter tweeted. “As the first female national news anchor, she opened the door to endless possibilities for so many girls who wanted to work in TV, myself included. Her impact cannot be overstated. I’ll miss you, Barbara. Thank you for everything.”

“How do you say goodbye to 50 years in television?” Walters said in 2014 on her final episode of The View. “How proud when I see all the young women who are making and reporting the news. If I did anything to help that happen, that’s my legacy.”

“Barbara Walters passed away peacefully in her home surrounded by loved ones,” her representative, Cindi Berger, said. “She lived a big life. She lived her life with no regrets. She was a trailblazer not only for female journalists, but for all women.”

  • Zmb Grrl says:

    Part of her legacy is the co-creation of that $hit show, The View and she had no regrets? Hmm. Whoopie Goldberg denies the Holocaust was about race, and Walters is a Jew. Wonder how that sat with her.

  • Verneoz says:

    “So often we toss around the words icon, legend, trailblazer – but Barbara Walters was all of these. And perhaps, above all else, Barbara Walters was brave.” The word Brave is tossed around a lot too…just as with Barbara Walters. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, police, and first responders can tell you about bravery. They see it everyday. This word play is in concert with the lowering of standards which has become the new normal across all institutions today. Barbara did produce some very good interviews. When you get the big bucks for doing it, like Barbara, I’m not so sure how much bravery was in the mix.

    • Tamirose170 says:

      What a way to show Respect ~ for an incredible journalist, woman, 1st in journalism on TV and someone that met with the most intimidating, mysterious, notorious people in the world during War and Peace, covering JFK’s funeral, foreign political leaders, sitting Presidents, etc. She was endeared and RESPECTED by more people than you will ever meet in your lifetime and cherished and never waivered ~ Rest in Peace Barbara Walters. You truly were Inspiration to so many ~ Your bravery to create pathways where there were none before is remarkable. She had wisdom beyond her years and no doubt “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” was stellar advice.

    • Theresa says:

      Don’t sing her glories just yet. I suppose you missed her admitting to breaking up a marriage of a Black man years ago and bragging about it on the Commie View. In fact she would bragged about having sex with Black men. Bragging about breaking up someone’s marriage is not mature and it’s disgusting. Every time she manipulated an interview for brownie points; she always approach it from the left. She made the interview ALL about her and her ideology. Even though she never admitted it. Her so called accomplishes were over rated – naturally. The left news media will be extremely nauseated for the next few days now.

      You like her, you keep her. She always reminded me of a white Maxine Walters. Just another trail blazer hack and marital break up cu@t. Who seriously would get on the View and brag about breaking up someone’s marriage. Just another Omar hack.

  • Gunslinger99 says:

    She was one of the front runners for the Liberal movement and responsible for the View and Oprah which both have led to the decline of the way AMERICA is portrayed thru TV and news …… never thought much of the communist myself!

  • American says:

    Pretty sure she knows all the dirt on everyone. And has slept her way up. God knows where she’s headed.

  • Ellen says:

    Always a pleasure to watch… well spoken, kind, caring and honest…. R.I.P. sweet lady, and she was ALWAYS a lady! R.I.P. ❤️❤️



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