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Legal Filing Exposes FBI Involvement in January 6th

It’s a story as old as time. Something bad happens and completely unexpectedly, it turns out the FBI was involved. Sure enough, despite years of the left dismissing the possibility as a conspiracy theory, a new legal filing serves as an admittance that the FBI was very much involved in the events of January 6th.

Ironically, we are finding that out because the government is once again trying to cover up exactly what happened. Regarding the case of Proud Boy Ethan Nordean, federal prosecutors are asking a judge to limit defense questions on the matter.

So they want to use information from these informants to help throw a person in jail, but they don’t want to allow the defense to question said informants or how they got their information. How very on-brand for the federal government.

Regardless, the revelation here is that FBI informants were embedded with the Proud Boys both online and in person on the day of the march to the Capitol building on January 6th. That’s important for several reasons, and none of them are good.

How involved were these informants in the lead-up to January 6th? Were they egging things on as in the Gretch Whitmer kidnapping farce? Did they encourage people to enter the Capitol? As informants participating in planning discussions, they wouldn’t have just been silent so as to not raise suspicions. So in what capacity were they involved? Instead of trying to get a judge to shut that conversation down, it should be happening out in the open.

But the biggest question is a rather simple one: If the FBI had numerous informants with the Proud Boys and January 6th was a seditious, pre-planned conspiracy (which is the claim of prosecutors)…then why didn’t they try to stop it?

As far as public information goes, the FBI made zero effort to cool tensions leading up to January 6th, and despite being directly involved with the group they claim led it, it took no action to stop the violence on the day of the Capitol breach. Why, it’s almost like they wanted it to happen. Nah, couldn’t be.

None of this makes sense, and it’s not going to make sense as long as the FBI and DOJ stonewall any attempts at transparency about what occurred. Yes, people rioted of their own accord, but if the government had a chance to quell tensions and instead stood idly by, that’s a big scandal.

  • Steve says:

    Will we ever get to the bottom of this corruption in our government?
    All they do is hide the truth behind Officialdom.
    All this does is give us the belief that the FBI is corrupt.

  • Wes says:

    It’s becoming clear that the January 6 protests were orchestrated by the left (including the FBI) in order to get rid of Trump. After stealing the election, they wanted to make Trump the source of the problem rather than their own corrupt efforts to cover it up. With the FBI’s partisan effort, they have taken over Washington and we may never have another credible election again.

  • Observer says:

    The democrats were behind it all. Only fools believe otherwise. Just as prior responses indicate. Too many of us saw the video evidence shown of antifa and blm groups getting off of buses and cars with gear handing out stuff to them. Then the Ray Epps stuff, people being let in and rolled walking respectfully with capital police like on tour. They hid all this and have lied about the people they killed. It’s all on video or was.



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