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Leftist Mayor Calls 911 On Peaceful Petitioners – Describes Them as “Far Right Wing”

It is no secret that blue state politicians have been growing more extreme each passing year. Given a taste of ultimate authority during the covid lockdowns, they now seem to operate on the assumption that this is how society will function from now on – Unilateral authority with no checks and balances based on arbitrary proclamations rather than constitutional law.

As the old saying goes, if you want to test a person’s character, give them power. Democrats assumed far reaching powers during the pandemic scare, and they have revealed their true natures. This reality also extends to their behavior regarding “trans rights”, which they believe allows them to restrict individual speech, violate women’s privacy rights and erase the right of parents to be informed of school interactions with their children.

It may be opposition to the school trans indoctrination problem in particular that compelled leftist Mayor Janice Deccio of Yakima, Washington to call 911 on Sept. 3rd; outraged because of the presence of conservative petitioners collecting signatures at a local Walmart to stop schools from hiding information from parents. In June of this year, Deccio proclaimed the entire month as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Asexual, Aromantic, Queer, Two-Spirit, Non-Binary, and Intersex Pride Month” in Yakima, during a city council organized event.

Deccio claims she was simply informed by her constituents of “far right wing petitioners” at Walmart “harassing” shoppers, and that she was not aware of what they were specifically collecting signatures for. Petitioners held signs listing their goals, making her assertion less believable.

The volunteers were gathering signatures over Labor Day weekend on six Washington ballot initiatives funded by Let’s Go Washington. I-2113 would roll back restrictions placed by Democrats on when police officers can engage in vehicular pursuits. I-2117 would lower the Democrat-imposed carbon tax that has spiked gas prices. I-2124 would allow employees to opt out of Washington’s long-term care insurance program. I-2109 would repeal the state’s capital gains tax. I-2111 would prohibit state income taxes being imposed and I-2081, would allow parents of public school students to review their child’s instructional materials and student records.

The signature gatherers also caught the attention of former Democrat candidate for Congress Doug White who posted on Twitter/X complaining about the “illegal petition” while asking his followers “What will you do about it?” Perhaps hoping to rally leftists to disrupt the petitioners since the police refused to violate their rights.

The Yakima Mayor says she “does not care” about the nature of the petition and was only concerned about “harassment” and the property rights of Walmart. However, if this is true why would she make sure to paint the petitioners as “far right wing?” Her clear disappointment and expression of disbelief after being told that the petitioners were acting within the law also reveals that the 911 call may have been motivated by political zealotry.

Attempting to conflate the private property of a home residence with the parking lot of Walmart could be blamed on ignorance. Perhaps Mayor Deccio is simply stupid. Clearly she was aware that police could not intervene before she made the call, and contacted 911 anyway. Was she hoping to use her government position to pressure police to confront petitioners regardless of the law?

At bottom the most important question is not a legal one – How was this small group of people causing harm? Why bother them at all? Would the Mayor have made the same phone call if the petitioners were far-left and in support of gun control, carbon taxes and trans propaganda in schools?

The identification of “far right wing” is often used by leftists as a qualifier for censorship. They argue that free speech is protected, but not absolute. Meaning, free speech is okay for those they deem to be the “good guys” but it should be restricted for those they deem to be the “bad guys.” Conveniently, leftists have also declared themselves the arbiters of who is good and who is bad, and they believe everyone to the right of Karl Marx and Klaus Schwab to be bad.

While some might say that this is a minor problem associated with a small city, it is in fact a reflection of a much larger agenda. The political left has been trying to establish double standards on every level of government and social redress for years; rules for thee but not for me. And when government begins to silence and suppress one group in favor of another, the end result will be predictably explosive. Luckily the local police in this instance were properly informed and were not subject to political pressure.

  • Ryan Sellman says:

    Well she’s a commie, and commies aren’t people. Time to assassinate it.

  • P says:


  • T says:

    I can’t believe a supposedly intelligent politician would stoop to using the 911 emergency life and death line to call the police this incident. I guess maybe to her this was a life and death situation. ;))

  • James Leamons says:

    Blame Biden and his rhetoric…



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