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Lee Greenwood Pulls Out of NRA Convention Over Texas Shooting

“God Bless the USA” singer Lee Greenwood pulled out of the annual NRA Convention this weekend in Texas following the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting earlier this week.

Greenwood told FOX News, “That weapon killed kids.”

FOX News reported:

Lee Greenwood said Friday that performing at this weekend’s NRA convention would be an “endorsement” just days after the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.

The “God Bless the USA” singer joined “Fox & Friends” to address his decision to cancel his appearance at the event in Houston.

A day after “American Pie” singer Don McLean pulled out of the annual National Rifle Association convention, Larry Gatlin, Larry Stewart of Restless Heart and Greenwood announced they would also not perform.

  • Mary says:

    Lee Greenwood just lost my respect because he said “ that weapon killed kids”. Anyone who thinks that, “that weapon killed kids” is a fool. Guns can’t get up and kill anyone! Only an evil human being can use an inanimate instrument to kill. With that said, I am indeed for tougher background checks (on the human… not the gun!)

  • NannyK says:

    No, that creep with the weapon killed kids. That weapon can’t do anything on its own. I somehow thought you were smart enough to understand the difference. My apologies for giving you more credit than you deserve.

  • Lee Greenwood is playing right into the hands of those who would destroy the country he has asked God to bless. Very sorry to read this. How old is Greenwood? Is he losing his ability to reason?

  • Don says:

    Now when greenwood comes on the channel will be charged!!!!

  • BarbUltraMaga says:

    Greenwood , Gatlin, Stewart were always fake.

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